I think I have M.E

Hi since beginning of 2016 I've been suffering with a recurrent sore throat, headaches, joint/muscle pain, feeling down because I can't do normal things I used to like exercise. Heart palpatations, unexplained breathlessness excess sweating. The very worse thing is the 'brain fog' I'm so afraid of forgetting things which I do (I forgot to put a sanitary towel on) I panicked I had forgot my youngest son until I remembered i'd dropped him off at my in-laws. My GP's are so useless blood test after blood test after x ray after ultrasound nothing! Its making me more depressed everytime I go. Is there something I can ask for?

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  • After my GP did all the blood tests I was referred to a neurologist who diagnosed M.E. Have to say it took over 2 years to get to that point. You have to keep going back to the doctors and persist. Good luck

  • It is a slow process to get to a diagnosis of ME as there is no test for it. Everything else that could possibly be causing your symptoms has to be ruled out first. You wouldn't want the doctors to miss something that needs treating but isn't because they have jumped to a diagnosis of ME too quickly. I know it's frustrating but try to be a patient patient!!

  • Write down your symptoms and how your feeling for a week go back to drs show him ask for a referal to someone who can help you make sense of it all

  • Sometimes I think I'm going mad! I have all these symptoms but they can't find anything. The pain is unbearable at times. Hate feeling like this. Thanks for the replies x

  • so sorry you are feeling like this,it is very difficult to get a proper diagnosis.some doctors choose to ignore this condition,thankfully their numbers are decreasing.persevere and demand a consultation with a neurologist.good luck and god bless!!

  • Ask to see a rheumatologist rule out your pain is caused by write notes so you don't forget appointments etc take it from there keep a diary of how you are each day pains were how long good day bad day so you can show drs how it is for you

  • thank you

  • Sounds like menopause.

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