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Just got my results now, creatinine- 90 normal, eGfr 91 first time in 12 months.

Summary of eGfr

June 2019. - 52

Aug 2019 - 62

Dec 2019 - 66

Mar. 2020- 72

June 2020- 91

I’m happy but I’ve got a gout attack right now, very painful!

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Dave, ouch! Had my first attack of gout about 18 months ago - woke up with it in 2 toes on my birthday! Very red, very swollen, and one of the worst pains when trying to walk. Look up gout-aggravating foods - I cut right back on oily fish and mushrooms in particular. A highly recommended consultant decided not to treat me with the likes of allopurinol but gave me a steroid jab instead and a low, very short term dose of oral steroids - worked a treat for me. Congratulations on the eGFR improvement- great result.

Great work, Dave. Sorry about the gout though.

What do you think is the single most important thing that you have changed in your lifestyle to achieve the June figure? (Particularly the improvement between March and June).


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Reviewed all my medications with my Nephrologist. I was taking a lot of diclofanac/voltaren so that got chucked out. I was put on meds for hbp which I inherited from my mom. I was averaging 160/110. Lastly I cleaned my diet stopped red meat, salt and processed foods and limited diary and eggs. Drink two liters of water a day. I haven’t gone to gym for three months though, lockdown etc.

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To answer your specific question I really don’t know. I think the improvement have been gradual because of the things I stopped taking that were pissing off my kidneys.

Let us look at positive news and congratulations on such fantastic improvements in egfr.

How did you manage to get it?

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Thanks. See my response above.

Congratulations. Good work. I love this: "the things I stopped taking that were pissing off my kidneys." Yes! said perfectly!

I thought gfr couldnt go back up because once your nephrons die..... they dont come back !!

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Scarred nephrons are not the only cause of ckd. I’m my case theres no scarring.

Wow. Had did you manage to do that ?

Great work on your levels Dave. That’s awesome. What does your BP run now and what was it running before meds ?

It was around 160/110 now it has come down to 130/80. I’m on losartan 25mg

Oh gosh! I completely hear ya about the gout thing. I’m sorry to hear that, Dave! But, “Kudos on the awesome blood results, guy!” I’m so happy for you! 😊👍 Keep up the good work! 👏🏻 Cheers! 🥂

Hi Dave. Hope you don’t mind me asking but have you stopped eating potatoes Z

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No I haven’t


I presume you still technically have kidney disease despite exceeding 90 (if you have relevant symptoms) ie stage 1?

That seems to be the standard diagnosis eg

1 personally don't have CKD so my reading is just reported as >90 (why not record actual?).

My mum's latest gfr just reported by nephrologist via tel is 61 (from 43 in Sep19). Hence technically she seems to have skipped from stage 3b to 2 although I consider her now 3a which she was a few years ago with 2 kidneys (now 1).

This is really great.

how did you manage so much of improvement? was it simply by following renal diet?

Hi all, Firstly great news about GFR Dave.

In the first 1/4 of 2019 I visited the GP not feeling quite right. After blood screening it was discovered that my GFR was 12, Creat over 300 and I was severely anaemic.

In the following months I underwent all sorts of tests. A biopsy was scheduled for October 19 but sadly this was cancelled due to me fainting and breaking my leg 🤦‍♀️The nephrologist is still none the wiser as to the cause.

With no treatment other than a super dose of iron daily my GFR started to rise. By November 2019 it had crept up to 29. I was told that it had plateaued at this number and it was unlikely to improve further.

Imagine my delight when this May it had risen to 40. 😆

It’s a complete mystery 🤷‍♀️

I’m so happy for you. Just eat properly and hopefully it will keep on rising. I believe there’s a lot of guess work in this field of Nephrology.

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