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Please help! Renal pelvis surgery cancer, URGENT

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Hello! I have a few questions regarding renal pelvis cancer. How to cure renal pelvis cancer with lymph node metastasis? My beloved dad is sick, he means extremely much to all of us and we want to do everything we can to cure him. We have money and are open for innovative, new and advanced treatments. Is kidney transplantaion an option, removal of the lymph nodes? He's 78, in pretty good condition except from S-krea around 110. Please help

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Charlotte Westerstad

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4 Replies
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First, sorry to hear your bad news. You say he will have surgery but do not describe exactly what type. Renal pelvis surgery can take many forms. Removal of the cancer, or the entire kidney, or kidney and part of bladder, some lymph nodes, etc. Also you mention it has spread to the lymph nodes. Of course this is not great news. But again, is is wide spread, or just limited. I would guess, and it is purely a guess, the surgery will include removal of the cancerous lymph nodes. You are searching for a miracle and do not care the cost. We all go through this stage. Obviously cancer has no cure. Even those of us who are currently in a stage of surviving cancer, live every day worrying that in our body lingers a single cell that escaped into our bloodstream and is seeking a new home in our body to grow again. At this point you have to trust your medical team. Have the surgery. After which there will be tests to see if there is evidence of further spread, or it was all removed, or what the situation is. Renal Cancer of any type has not cure. There are medications that can slow the growth of the cancer if it has spread and can not be removed, or is likely elsewhere in the body. Do not waste your time and efforts and money looking for miracle cures. If there were such a thing, don't you think these treatments would be provided by the medical community. One step at a time. Have the surgery. See the results. The face the prognosis that doctors give you at that time. I am fast approaching 70. I will not likely see your fathers age of 78. So I make the most of each and every day realizing they are precious, following the direction of my doctors, and appreciating that I have made it to my 70's, when millions of all ages, have not been so fortunate.

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Thanks for your reply?Where do we get the surgery? Sweden Heath care is collapsing :-(

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Your medical team has not recommended surgery??? Or any treatment?? Perhaps it is too widespread to be a viable approach? And they feel there is nothing can be done? I would seek the opinion of another, different doctor. If the second doctor agrees there is nothing that can be done, then it seems it is something that you must face. But it seems to me (who is not a doctor) that there are medicines to slow growth, surgeries that could be performed (unless it is too late), or something.

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Thanks a LOT for your reply! We havn't got any appointment yet, it's too slow :-(

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