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Clear Urine

Hi was just wondering does having clear coloured urine without drinking excessive amounts of water mean anything? I had to go to Drs last week as I hadn't been feeling very well......I had tingling in my hands and feet and also what I can only describe like electric shocks all over my body, my hands were also swollen and sore, the dr sent me for X-rays on my hands and left leg as the bone underneath my knee is aching. I have to go for blood tests next week as no appointments were available due to Christmas holidays. Sorry for long post just a bit worried as my blood pressure is borderline high as is cholesterol and blood sugar and also stage 3 ckd anyone ever felt like this?

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hi..you need fast attention..im not a doctor but alarm bells are ringing..push for answers..take care


thanks for answering toeragthecat21 I am definitely going to push for answers x Happy New Year.

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