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can ckd stage4 reversible


hi everyone, i m new to this site...well i hv been diagnosed with stage 4 CKD this september during routine came out as a shock as i m only 33 .my gfr is 26 and creatinine is 2.43. protienurea 1000mg. i do not experience any pain but little tired.just want to know is this reversible n wat will be the renal diet i should be having.kindly suggest

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Hi, Welcome to the club.

Sorry to hear that you are where you are. The best site for me to recommend for a kidney-friendly diet is

Along their menu bar, you'll find a drop-down called RECIPES. There you'll find a lot of meals for daily use and many that are seasonal. The best part is that they give you the needed breakdown of the items found in most food. You can check them against your lipid panel to see which ones to minimize. Sodium, potassium, phosphorus, protein, and calcium. Did your doctor not inform you of any changes you needed to make regarding your CKD?

As a general rule, CKD is not reversible. With your numbers and no mention of any other health issues you have, it may be that if you are taking any medications, especially ones that began this past summer, that some of your lab values may have caused your GFR to be that level. It's only a possibility and I'd suggest you obtain a written copy of your last few lab tests, both urine, and blood. See if you are within the range for the lab and where you need to be more careful.

This is a good place to get additional support and help so come back often.

not reverseble but whith proper dieet you will ba fine

Hard to reverse but you can keep it near current levels for a long time with diet and proper medication. Diet is the key and staying as healthy as you can. Try to limit as much sugar, salt, potassium, calcium, or phosphorous as possible. Stay hydrated which can lower your creatinine numbers and make your GFR get better. Avoid as much animal protein as possible expecially red meats.

Welcome to our group. I feel for you as it is really shocking when one is told they have kidney disease. It takes a little time to get over the initial shock, but it's great you are out there researching. I'm glad you don't feel any symptoms.

If there is any possible way to get a diagnosis as to the cause/type, that can also help with treatment plans. The two top causes of kidney disease are diabetes or high blood pressure, but it doesn't sound like you have that from what you are saying. There are other causes such as heredity, medication or illness. There are lots of types of kidney disease- here is an example of a category of types called nephritis Certain types can be controlled better through different types of diets. Also, getting the protein spill under control is important. Please discuss that with your doctor.

For instance, some types of nephritis are put into remission by taking steroids. This is avoided as much as possible due to side effects, but it also helps a lot of people. My cousin went into remission over 10 years ago by taking 6 months of steroids. Since nephritis is an autoimmune type disease, diets such as gluten and dairy free can help slow down progression. These diets don't work and aren't necessarily good for other types of kidney. Those are just a few examples. Just wanted you to know that there is not one solution for everyone. People on here have different types, so what one person recommends, might not be right for you. What we all have in common is that we need to find out the right diet for us and stick to it and make sure we all keep regular visits with doctors to stay on top of it. Reducing stress through moderate exercise, meditation, yoga, prayer, fun times with friends, long walks or whatever words for you, is key

I know this is complicated and overwhelming, but the more info you have, the better you will be able to take control of your situation.

take care!

vishu84 in reply to Zazzel

Thank u so much for information... I m feeling luck to get in touch with all u warm ppl 😊

I certainly agree with everything Zazzel and others have said. Prayer is very helpful to me. Stay with us and you will be amazed :)

vishu84 in reply to newbie1956

Thank u so much😊

Like yourself I was diagnosed with ckd4 last June...I had been feeling very tired for years. It was only after I paid for a private blood test that it came out. I cut out salt and started to drink more water and over the next three months my egfr went from 22 to 26. There's lots of great people on here and great advice, good luck!

vishu84 in reply to Irelandy

Thank u for ur support...

Hi, CKD is not reversible? In my experience it IS - to a certain degree. You'll need to be, as most people have mentioned, very careful about your diet, best go meet a qualified and experienced dietician and follow her/his instructions as meticulously as possible. Yet, in order to reverse your CKD, i.e. lower your creatinine etc., try to locate a VERY experienced Chinese medicine dr. and undergo acupuncture and herbal treatment. There are herbs that definitely will lower your creatinine, as well as acupuncture. Another practice that will do the trick is Chopstick Acupuncture that you can perform at home (self treatment) as well as ginger poultices applied 3-4 times a week at the beginning. Good luck, Sam.

vishu84 in reply to sami5

Thnx for your advice .... I wonder in India where I can hv a Chinese medicine treatment

Drakula in reply to vishu84

Hey vishu84

I am a fellow Indian

Same age group

Same problem

Stage 4 ckd

AshPan in reply to vishu84

If you find, please update :)

Try dandelion tea as your beverage and cabbage as ur vegetable

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