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Is creatine ok or stable 1.23

Hi as u guys all know I have ckd stage 3 I had a kidney transplant for 16 years which I'm very fortune to still have but my concern is with my creatine other than protein my creatine was 1.23 is that ok for my stage or stable in June it was lower and my gfr 55 now 52 which got me worried but I use devita calculator and it shows 69 I'm confuse can someone help me here plzzz thank you

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Hi, I don't have a lot of information on your specific situation since you are a transplant recipient so all I can respond to is an example from my labs. The lab doing my most recent labs (early June) show the range for Creatinine to be between .7 and 1.3. If it's the same for a transplant recipient like yourself, then your number of 1.23 is within the normal range.

I hope that helps you to feel some comfort. What did your doctor tell you when you received the lab results?


He said that everything is ok just that I had protein in the urine and prescribe me a new blood pressure med that I'm kind of worried about because it tends to raise the potassium levels which is bad at the stage 3 ckd but I'm gonna go see my old doctor to see wat he says hopefully is gd


I've gone through doctors more in the last year than I ever thought I would in my entire life (pre-CKD). I'm trying to get a "team" together that works for me without holding back any information and that work together so I don't get conflicting advice. I have a new PCP that is good and tomorrow I see a new nephrologist for the first time. I've got a set of questions based on my situation that hopefully will get answers that show me that both are working WITH me and not each having what I find are contradictions.

To some degree, I have to rely on their training and experience but when it comes to treatment, especially medications, I expect them to be on the same page. The PCP made some changes to my meds and told me to discuss it with the nephrologist and follow those instructions.

I also scheduled a follow-up appointment with the renal dietitian for next week and if I can have everyone I see on the same page with the same goals I can put myself at ease and deal with the disease without the stress of worrying about the conflicts.

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Normal creatinine level is given by recheck using Dvita link


normal level of creatinine is given in that Dvita link , pl re check


I did it said 69 gfr


I have stage 3 my gfr is 50, have not had transplant, am 72yrs. Do not have a nephrologist just my local MD and manage my disease on my own. Don't recommend it but live in Costa Rica so I make do.

Sorry I am not much help.


Ho Jennifer como sigues??, hay algunas siglas que no entiendo!!, me imagino que es por el idioma. Explicame por favor y, asi podre ayudarte!!

GFR ??, CKD??

Saludos cordiales, Chicho


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