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Bile salts

My husband has CKD stage 3. He is 69 and in good health. He unfortunately had to have his gall bladder removed a few years ago and now finds it difficult to digest fats. Do you think it would be safe for him to supplement with bile acid/salts. I know the obvious person to ask would be his GP but he is a dead loss. Any advice would be gratefully received. Holly

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Holly -- I am also in stage 3. I am 85 and otherwise in good health. I do not take any supplements and would not consider taking them unless I cleared them with my nephrologist. That's just one person's opinion.


Thank you Jaykay, I appreciate your input. Holly

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Holly, we aren't doctors on here so are unable to answer your question. If your GP is so hopeless, is there not another GP in the practice who may be more helpful. If not, then how about asking a good pharmacist - they know more about medications than any doctors so might well be able to advise you about bile acid/salts. Or how about his renal consultant, or asking for referral to a gastroenterologist?


Good idea, hadn't thought about the pharmacist. Many thanks. Holly


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