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Hello everyone


I am new here. Last August I was diagnosed with CKD with a GFR of 33. I was careful what I ate but last week my GFR was 26. I am 54 and the doctor wrote in her notes that she expects ESRF in about 2 to 3 years. I got very depressed, felt like I was given a death sentence. I went vegan out of fear. I am going to see a Natropath MD who specializes in this condition hoping she can help. I don't want to believe my doctors note, I don't want to die at 56. Has anyone ever raised their GFR to a safe level with diet and exercise that would allow them to live their life? Thank you in advance.

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Hi xtrabyte

I understand why this is depressing news. I don't know anything about naturopathy, but improved diet and exercise will help a little, depending on the cause of your renal failure. All I would say is do not despair- ESRF is not a death sentence and with a few changes, you can live a good life. I have been on dialysis for 26 years. I work, see friends and you would never know I'm a dialysis patient unless I told you. Be strong- a positive attitude is your best friend.

Jodalena in reply to Nicolala

Great to hear; very inspiring.

Thank you very much, it puts me at ease.

Bee28 in reply to Nicolala

wow, that gives us all hope.

I am ckd 3 , gfr was 44 gone.down to 34 this check, should i be concerned.

I eat healthy, about half a stone over weight, get aches in hip and shoulder, not sure of rhe cause.

I understand your feeling that way, I sometimes feel that way too. My GFR is 11! The day my doctor told me I would have to go be put on the transplant was a most depressing day but I got through it. I think you'll find as you go along, at least I did, that you just have to keep going, living day to day and not dwell on it. I have been at a low GFR for at least 2 years! I'm sure you have a long way to go! With diet and exercise and faith in God, you will get through this!! Prayers for you, God can do anything😀

It does no harm to follow a ckd friendly diet anyway - plenty of fruit and veg, cut down on sugar and salt. For further dietary advice you're best to check with your doctor or a dietician as everyone is different. Did your doctor give you any advice about your condition? That was pretty scary for you to see that written in your notes, so I think she should have said something to put you at your ease.


Hi I was diagnosed with stage 4 ckd about a month ago and my Gfr has dropped from 25 to 22 over that time...I too got very depressed until my friend told me his mother was diagnosed with ESRF ten years ago at the age of 80... And she's still around! So take heart get on a low protein diet and exercise more...you can recover your Gfr, my next door neighbours was 19 and it has risen to 40! Good luck and stay positive.

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