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kidney removal

hi my name is Mandy. Over the past 24 months I have had a lot of stomach pain and gone back several times to the doctors who have referred me to several specialists and the only thing they could find was a 12mm kidney stone, but they didn't seem too rushed to do anything about it. about 4 months later I was rushed into hospital with a life-threatening kidney infection and they did a ct scan and ultra sound scan and I had a nephrostomy put in and told I had some kidney loss and needed more tests, but I left hospital a few days later knowing nothing more, with the tube and bag attached. A couple of weeks later I was back in hospital with another kidney infection. I had several more kidney infections but treated by my GP, and a water infection, then I had further tests on my right kidney, then saw 2 different consultants, before I was told my kidney had stopped working and needed to come out. it came as a bit of a shock. but now 6 months later and 9 days post op I feel so much better already, but I don't know why my kidney failed on me? Was it the diabetes? Something I did? Or didn't do? Will I ever know? How do I get some answers?

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I think you may have a case here for Medical neglect!! If they had acted sooner, got that stone lasered, you may not be where you are now. Start asking questions and make a complaint while you still can.

There is no way that with a stone that big, you should have been left! That should have been lasered and broken up (lithotripsy).

Glad you are feeling better now xxx


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