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disappearing kidney

about 7 years ago,i was having an ultrasound check on a calcified abdominal aorta. A cat scan followed as my right kidney needed checking. it was misshapen and had multiple cysts. the GP said they would "keep an eye on it"

I have recently had another ultrasound ,and was told at this time that the right kidney had disappeared. I rang the surgery and was told the result was all clear.

Suggestions please

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I would not accept their reply, I would have another ultrasound even if I had to pay for it, half of these surgeries don't know what they are talking about. Look after yourself, they won't.

Good luck!


Make an appointment at the GPs to talk about exactly what was found!


I advise you to go to a private doctor because kidneys they don't thesepear and is best sure then sorry something is very wrong ,I which you all the best take care .


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