How do you control focal dystonia pain?

My focal dystonia pain is getting worse in my finger I've taken iboprofuen and paracetamol but it has not helped. A orthopaedic surgeon says I don't need treatment. I I have hand therapy I've tried relaxation what else can I do to stop the pain interfering with my life. This has been going on for since March and is driving me insane! What else can I do to treat this pain.

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  • So sorry I cannot help, i only can tell you what I did when I had an arthritic finger were the joints have now fused, which hopefully might help you. I made a tube out of an elastic bandage and the warmth and slight compression seemed to help, I know this might sound crazy but i also used to put my finger into a piece of copper plumbing pipe .I do not understand your condition but I hope this might help good luck

  • I have suspect dystonia if I had pain and feel everything acutely would get acupuncture cupping and push for patient orientated research . Watch out with some pain medications you can become addicted .Have heard a well known smoked legal substance is also originally medicinal.I believe many MS sufferers are using.

  • My husband has focal dystonia in his leg. He receives botox and this really helps. Would this help you?

  • Hi Mattywelly

    Ifind heat helps my feet, try using hot water in a bowl or anything warm. Hopethis helps.