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Why get assesed for dyslexia?

I had discovered my dyslexia when i was at uni, 8 years ago.

Sadly it was too little too late and dropped out of the last year of my post grad architecture.

I didn't have the essential training that dyslexics should have to cope better and now I'm inventing my own coping mechanisms right or wrong.

i have been in jobs earning up to £35k but sadly when they realise that i am dyslexic they don't continue passed the trial period.

this is a worrying fact for many dyslexics, who are capable (with adjustments) but somehow at the last day of the work trial are not good enough.

how can I secure my role in positions like this and get work assessments without being kicked out at the 11th hour?

or should i just get a job in a fishmonger.

What is the golden procedure to follow to guarantee that employer don't just hire you for 3 months shy a day?

When should i ask for a work assessment?

When should i tell an employer imm dyslexic?

Is their a better way to be assessed for work that going through ESA?

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Although it sounds like your employer is not treating you fairly; good advice seems to be not to disclose your Dyslexia until you have gone beyond the 3 month trial; though I am not an expert in adult employment procedures.

I am sorry that your experiences have been so negative and that you were also not supported enough in your studies; is it an option for you to go back to them after getting assessed for a DSA (Disabled Student's allowance) and continue on your course? Architecture sounds like a wonderful sphere of learning and it is one in which many Dyslexic individuals excel!

I hope my answer will encourage you to keep going; the BDA 2013 handbook is full of positive experiences of Dyslexics in the workplace particularly on how much they have to offer and how it is about time their contributions are recognised! (http://www.bdastore.org.uk/books/british-dyslexia-association/the-dyslexia-handbook-2013/)

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Thank you.

I just wanted to impress the need for training as well as assesment. And that being assessed is only the start.

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Montanna in many ways it's never too late.

I only found out last year and had been in a job for 10 years by then.

I do NOT encourage dishonesty but is it law that you must tell your employer you've got dyslexia?

I mean I couldn't have done as didn't know!

Also why are you telling them? Because you are being very honest? Or because you'd like extra provision?

If it's the extra provision why not try treatment so that you are better able to handle those amazing sounding jobs you are being offered?

I got treated last year through a company called Brightening Futures who treat the issue in the eye which effectively cures the dyslexia and serious improves life of course! Check out their site at lasdbrighteningfuturescentr...

No looking back now! I know I can do whatever I decide!


Dyslexia I am sure comes under the Disability Discrimation Act so they cannot end your contract because of this.


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