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For my EPQ I am looking at whether dyslexics are at a disadvantage in the education system, and if so, how to overcome the problem. Therefore I would really appreciate if any dyslexics would be willing to fill out my survey so I can get a general consensus that I am heading in the right direction with my project!

Thank you so much!


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Sorry for my somewhat angry replies but I really think you should watch this to explain how I and other feel about education. Really it seems the ones who need educating are the educators, sorry to sound mean....

Society requires new thinking about education at any level and this man explains it very well...


Thank you so much for that link, extremely useful!


I'm apparently only mildly to moderately dyslexic because I could always read...I just never picked up speed because I have to read slowly and carefully because of hopping letters. So for me "just work a little harder" actually did work. (Kept me out of trouble in college. I never had any free time to go partying.) I don't know if you would want me to take your survey. I might screw up the accuracy in your numbers for those more severe dyslexics who went through hell in school.


No please do the survey! It will really help

Thank you


By the way, would you like me to advertise your survey on Twitter?


That would be fantastic! Yes please, much appreciated


I posted your link to your survey with the hashmark #dyslexia. Hopefully it will be retweeted.


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