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Just makes me angry

Its makes me angry to find out yet again that my learing support is stopping at the college which i really need to pass my veterinary nurse course(VN). Which took me years to get onto in the first place. Because i only found out about 3 years ago that i dyslexia (now 25) i never got the correct help at school or college the first time. Now my emoyer have give me a chance to do VN course which i alway wanted to do. But i have to go to college once a week and work full time at the vets. The college have now inform of litte what help their had with a special needs tutor is stopping because he leaving the college. The college doesnt have anyone now to check my writen work for the assigments which i need to pass to pass the course aswell as severl exams. Their have sent me a email to get a other Vn to check and poof read my work but none of my fellow nurses can do this because we just have not got the time. And aswell their not a special needs tutor. The assigments all need to have great spelling and grammer to pass if not you will be mark down. I dont know where i can go to get the extra help i need. Its just makes me angry that you alway have to fight to get help and is never is just giving to you. I have severl meeting now with my course tutor trying to get a the exams in a different colour on the computer srceen let a know i reader to read me same of the test, as i get cosfused sometime with the sound of the word.

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That is so annoying, I wish I could help, someone will be along shortly with a solution I'm sure.

All the best for the future.



I can only ask that you don't give up .

it is so hard .I am also dyslexic and a trained nurse. Way back then no one realised I was dyslexic so it was very hard because as you know ever grammar mistake etc loses you marks ditto when I gained an English and also a Creative Writing degree quite recently. I had no full time help at either.

Try going back to rethinking about your use of grammar , spell checker don't always help but a simple spelling dictionary will help as it gives the meanings of words as well , as does simple grammar texts and there are some good text books around some written for dyslexic students , Is hard work I do know but I have learnt a lot and really it is just that , nothing but hard work.

Just some thoughts , you could buy some coloured note books and paper fairly cheaply via the internet, this helped me as did a coloured ruler to track the words I was reading . Using a tape / voice recorder could help in lesson .

Some tutors may even help you with lesson notes. ( in theory that is but you can ask )

I really do wish you all the best and don't give up ; you have come so far , ask and go on asking for help .

Ignore any negative remark that you will get them , they hurt I know only too well.

pS, You can on any computer change the the texts back ground colour .It could help if the back ground colour seems very bright against a black text.

My very best wishes.



I work in further education sector and can tell you with absolute certainty that your college is obliged to provide you with adequate support under DDA legislation. Do not let them fob you off.

Good luck!!!


thank for the help guys i havent got a special need tutor but my course tutor is going to correct my written work for the assigments and also found out that i will be getting a reader and extra time in my exams. look like you just have to push then for the help and their will give it to you .

happyer :-)


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