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Numerical dyslexia

I suffer from numerical dyslexia, yesterday it got the better of me. I wanted to change my Internet supplier.I rang them and explained that since my special offer had finished I found thier prices too high.The girl explained,how everything was at top rate since the end of my deal but that deal had now closed. She quoted prices and figures for this that and the other. After half an hour I was so confused I just agreed to what she called the New Deal. I know I have 14 days to withdraw from my new contract,I still don't know if it's a good deal or not. And I'm back to feeling stupid and inadequate.

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Would asking an advisor to write an e-mail to you explaining what had changed since your offer help. Not sending a pdf of the contract itself but just explaining in a few sentences? Especially price increases per month and whether the service itself is the same as before or not. I am sure it is not just you that gets confused when things are explained over the phone. They should be willing to do this if you say that you are not confident about what was explained previously and are considering cancelling.


Thank you,good points.


Don't feel stupid ,just remember the suppliers set out to confuse.

Really good advice given , ask for information via an email.

I have to ask for written information because I am deaf .

Nothing is wrong with my husband but he too always asked for full details via post or an email.

They give out too much information too quickly . Dyslexic have enough to put up with, your far from inadequate .

Hope this helps.



Dear beaton,

never do anything over the phone. The phone distorts sounds, so you cannot even be sure what words were said. Also, they have all these canned speeches they read off a card, and they do not have enough intelligence or imagination to rephrase anything to make it more intelligible. Cancel this dubious deal at once!

(Although sometimes it works to say you are elderly, hard of hearing, or need to have your partner look over anything first, so would they pelase mail you the information.) If the deal changed while you were on the phone, it was probably a scam anyway!

Then, do your changes on line! That way you can print out everything and read and digest it before you sign!

Cheers! digits


Thank You, I shall take note of your comments.


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