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Coloured tint glasses

I have tints they are quite dark im wondering if i need an irlen test rather that one from my opticans as i did have a dyslexia eye test. Im still having to use coloured paper and overlay even with my tints on i just need some advice

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I had to get my little boy the correct colour lenses for him as there over 50 shades to pick from , he still uses coloured paper because that helps with his handwriting . When he is reading they are very good you can tell the difference. If you Irlen syndrome you need to wear the correct coloured lenses you may even need to wear them outside



Ok well mine are making a difference but still struggling with lights and looking at paper for long period of times even with tints on. I’m currently wearing them all the the time because it makes a difference for me. But white paper still an issue with tints so still using yellow paper


If you are struggling with paperwork I would spend the money and pay for Irlen lenses they are expensive but they will be the right ones, the opticians can’t do it which is a pain but you could ask the doctors to send you to the hospital if you have been diagnosed with Irlen they may be able to help I’m going to look into it


Yeah every thing is a cost I paid for my dyslexia test privately because no school would do it. I use yellow quite a lot and but I have green tints but they were made with putting yellow and blue together because had to be careful with the yellow but I’m now thinking I should have yellow ones. I already paid £300 for tints with new frames and anti glare for night driving


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