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Now its a test for 5 year olds !!

How are we feeling about the Phonics test for 5 years olds/ Year 1 ?

My youngest daughter is in Yr1 and will be being tested this week. As the youngest of 4 children all of who are dyslexic (although the youngest hasnt been tested but hey l know the signs ) l felt a little uneasy at first but then l thought, they know about my daughter and our family history so in a way she is very lucky she has a head start.

So l am pleased that this may pick up on other children that have SLD and get the support they need early as l feel this is a HUGE part of the support needed. What are your thoughts ?

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I agree that the earlier that problems with phonics are found the sooner help can be provided, so as long as the support is put into place asap after these tests I think they are a good thing.


They won't test where I am before P4 which seems mad - my son had very clear issues with phonics from P1 and leaving it to P4 to even acknowledge this is not helpful and not great for his confidence. The earlier it is picked up the sooner alternative support and teaching methods can be put in place - this obviously has to be beneficial for everyone.


I am a Dyslexia Tutor and I am two minds about this; on the one hand it may make schools take more action if phonics teaching is indicated to be weak; on the other these children are still very young; perhaps Y2 would be better. In addition to this I would tend to use a wide variety of tests to identify a difficulty not just phonics.


My son was tested at 11 (privately after years of knowing there was a problem but schools refusing to deal with him properly because he was well behaved) and came out as extremely dyslexic so as soon as our daughter was 6 we had her tested (also privately) as she was struggling with literacy although obviously bright. She was also very dyslexic but her experience has been completely different to my son's because she has never suffered any loss of confidence and the school put in extra support for her straight away. She's now 9 and progressing well.

If you are a bright child, knowing what is holding you back from progressing like your peers makes all the difference in the world so I would say test as soon as you can because once you know what the problem is then it can be dealt with. Even if the school isn't great at dealing with it at least you know your child is not being lazy and as a parent you can be as supportive as possible at home which helps a lot.


I think it is disgusting that my daughters school will not test her and that I have to pay privately which I can ill afford yet I am having her tested for Dyspraxia which is carried out by a OT by the NHS, my daughter is going in to year 4 in September and barely read & write, Surely the educational system should embrace and support all families and children throughout their school years, as every child has the right to an education,


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