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Are there any Dyslexics in or around Brentford / Chiswick / Richmond etc?

Id like to be part of or start a support group, Im not very organised...surprise, surprise so Id rather do this with someone. I think I could get a venue for free or a small fee. So anyone want to meet up to share top tips and coping skills? I have the odd one or two. It would also be lovely not to feel Im alone in the wilderness as were :-)

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No, sorry. Cornwall here. But no doubt you could share on here.

But I would also say that maybe your 'not very organised' is actually 'differently organised'.

I keep meeting people who tell me I'm really organised.

I didn't think I was but do certain things to help (I get through an awful lot of clear plastic wallets for filing papers)... and others see it as organised.

I'm coming to the conclusion that, in some ways, maybe we dyslexics are more organised than some other people; we just don't meet our own expectations of organised.

There is research to suggest that the way the dyslexic brain works means dyslexic people often see the implications of things before others. (E.g. things i was campaigning to prevent 20 - 30 years ago are now often in 'the news'). Maybe that's a form of 'organising' data too....


I agree, sometimes my desk looks like a fright, but it doesn't stop me getting on with the job. I certainly see the bigger picture before others. My friends are amazed by my ability to 'read the signs', my son jokingly calls me a 'white witch' because I seem to be able to read people's minds and can predict the future! I think it's the body language I'm good at lol!!


Yeah we seem to get better at body language! But 20 years ago I was not always reading the signs and found myself attacked a couple of times.

Actually someone's reported ability to see the potential for a very unpleasant situation was the prompt this week for a discussion on this subject.

The supervisor, who happens to be dyslexic, had never heard this theory before but then told of many instances when people had said to her 'Why would anyone think like that? its weird'.... but was subsequently proved 'right'.


I think I am better at reading people now than when I was young. My mum was dyslexic and she could do it and so can my sister (also dyslexic). Sometimes it freaks me out because it feels that I look on the negative side of things - but sadly I am very often right about people - it's as though I can see right through them - to coin a phrase! I am a strong actor and became a drama teacher because I understand what makes people tick! I still lack self confidence and I wonder if this is why. Here's an example, I went for an interview not long ago and I saw right through the people interviewing me. I immediately knew who was the 'top dog', the one I had to try to impress the most, and her body language made it clear to me that she wasn't interested in me at all. It was easy really at one point she even yawned hahahaha! I didn't get the job (even though I am qualified and experienced) and I knew I wouldn't. It was a harrowing and embarrassing experience. I could feel my self confidence drain away. What a shame because I'm a bloody good SEN teacher! Nice to chat with you.


I think the prospect of my e.g. getting attacked has helped me learn fast.

I don't think I have done that much drama/acting and yet, again, it seems to be more than a lot of people have done. Working as a counsellor mostly these days, I start to wonder if my interest in drama is about trying to study different people and understand their motivations. (Or indeed whether my interest in counselling is about putting myself in the shoes/role of the other.)

I have worked in counselling agencies where, just because there is equality legislation, it doesn't mean they actually WANT a person using a wheelchair to be able to access the space.

Working in places where the high-status people have no time for us will have implications. Sometimes it may be possible to do something in our actions which will result in them changing their attitudes - but you can't 'make' someone change.

Most people make their minds up about someone within seconds. I have certainly come across a number of instances where dyslexic people are not liked because their way - perhaps creative, free, divergent etc. - 'pushes peoples buttons' and for whatever reason is viewed as some kind of personal affront. How sad for those people who miss out on the wonderful opportunity. But, yes, also for those denied an opportunity.

Whilst some say 'the pessimist is right about the same amount of times as everyone else but has a more miserable time', I don't agree.

Especially in a world dominated by those with narrow values and where there is so much prejudice, its important to be a realist.

I'm generally glad i live in a country where there is no real 'hot' war going on.

But I genrally wish I wasn't so 'disabled' or 'poor' etc. in it.

And i'm generally glad I'm not Black or Ethnic Minority.

Anyway you aren't a pessimist or completely lacking in confidence if you think you are 'a strong actor' and 'a bloody good SEN' and deserved the job. But we can confirm their bias if we decide we know we won't get the job.

Maybe there is a better job with more enlightened people waiting for you?

always good to meet new people - especially those i can relate to!

do keep in touch


Hi Caroline, I'm not near you. What about Google + Hangout? I've always wanted to have a go at those. Encouraging dyslexic people to join google + in order to have monthly hangouts would be great - we could support each other there. What do you think? Are you familiar with google + Anyone else like this idea?


Hi, not only am I not familiar with Google Hangouts but Im afraid of Facebook and Twitter...Im one of those. And I have an aweful time organising my time, would I remember to chat once a month...errg. I want to say yes, but I dont want to say I'll commit to something I wont keep up! What to do. Thank you so much for replying Giosang


i think so!

Not yet familiar with google + but willing to lear when i have more than a few minutes.


Hi kinda the same reply I sent to Giosang....eerrg sorry for being so flakey


Thats so funny that people picked up on my one throw away comment about my organisational skills when really I was just asking if anyone would like to join, make a club. Thank you for your replies and advice though, thank you for taking the time out to write such considered replies


Well, I don't think you're flakey, Caroline. I have computer programmer friends who won't go near google and other friends who don't want to use computers full stop. But I find they/ Facebook etc. do come in useful as far as making contact with people when I want to.

Anyway, I think we've created a club - on here. But I'm not sure I've committed to chat every month, just when the fancy takes me (and a message on my email account seems to be my main prompt at present!).

As i see it, in our club we've touched on some theory of organisational skills/differences. I sure could do with some practical help!

I've just returned from a 2-hour drive to pick up a laptop bag full of confidential documents.

When i got home at 11 o'clock last night, I couldn't find it in the car anywhere.

Luckilly the place i left it was a safe enough place and no one was interested in investigating it. But i could have done without the time and fuel wasted when I needed to get on with what was in the bag this morning.

And it did make me think about a couple of high profile cases where civil servants had left laptops full of info on buses and tubes. maybe they were dyslexic as well as tired too?

Since I lived in Cornwall (25 years now) I have lost at least 6 wallets full of cash, a number of keys and a passport. Also countless times i've paid for shopping and then walked off without it. I think it is a processing thing and i've probably started thinking about the next thing to do before i completed doing the thing i'm in the middle of. Luckilly it is improving though!

By chance, on the way back today, i stopped off somewhere where there were some fliers for something that has probably contributed to my getting better at this.

Has anyone heard of Oliver West? He is a dyslexic guy with a whole string of businesses and he was really encouraging to me when i met him on a course he runs called Visual Footnotes which is basically a way of drawing plans for what needs to be done rather than writing lists that often just don't work for us.

I remember he suggested drawing a hand putting a letter in the post box as well as drawing the letter being written - because having completed the task of writing the letter, we might find we had an awful lot of letters around that never got put in envelopes, addressed, stamped and posted. Definitely happened to me. I've probably not done his work justice - anyway, if you can search the internet, you can find out more...

(And re my last post, when i have time, i'm generally happy to try to learn anything new - I don't find the need to LEAR ! )


Lol Lear thats so funny. Yep I think you're right on both counts its about mindfulness when your doing something but also we do tend to rush on to the next project because we are worried about forgetting! Also tiredness does play a part. Still its far easier to deal with an issue when you've isolated the problem and its now in your consciousness. That said I ALWAYS have to go back to check I really did lock the car. Im thinking of trying to incorporate a routine or something I do, I dont know turn a cuff back to prove to myself I have locked the car! What got me is once Id just like to add ONCE I did 'not' lock the car ....eeerrrg. So were a club now fab. I think we need a title....ummm The Dyslexia Tigeeeerrrrs :-) Should we have a mandate and minutes ...lol XXX


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