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Feeling down

I feeling down today it hard watch someone else do my volunteering roll upper Morton farm because of my half deaf and Dyspraxia don't get wrong there did noughting wrong on the farm all volunteers are friendly just felt awarkward as Learn support when see someone else as volunteering. You see what happened I could not get job with Making Space with Befriended volunteering because of my dyspraxia and half deaf and now it feel have depromted as learn support. So how can get work with Animals and how do get back to college?

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Hello, I'm sorry you've been having a hard time. If there is a college near you then you should go to make an appointmenr to see someone from the Learning Support Department and tell them what difficulties you've had and what you want. They can help you to find a course that may lead to working with animals. They will help you to get back into college. If you need help with what to say when you go to the college let me know and I'll write something for you. Just go to the front desk and ask them to make an appointment for you with someone from the Learning Support Department.

Let me know how it goes please :) I love cats too.

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I have good new and bad news the bad news locol college isn't do Animals Crouse but here for good news I got on well been Crouse on farm working cows, donkey,dogs,Ginna pig and rabbit but bad news travel on way back.

I am looking for English Crouse I did it at Cannock college but now college close so try find some where learn English and math and I want learn BSL sign language and Markton sign language too.

I know it have be evening now.

Just let know my email is down at movement


It sounds as though you know exactly what you want, which is a very important first step for everyone! It may be that the college course you're going to do will include English and Maths -my son is at college doing music, and he has to do English and Maths as well. Check with them before you look for another course. Signature run BSL courses.

For learning sign language - try looking online -there are sites that teach the early stages. Google British Sign Language and see what comes up. Here's an example ndcs.org.uk/family_support/...

Do keep in touch. Good luck with all your plans.

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