What to do when not getting help for my dyslexia

Having trouble with tutors and haven’t put stuff in place I’m really annoyed and struggling at same time can’t have in class support because I’m doing too high of level don’t know who I talk too because not many are listening. Considering not continuing with my course

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  • The most important thing is that you do NOT quit your course, under any circumstances.

    At this point you have to go right to the top and make an appointment with the principal of the college. I don't know how old you are but tell your parents to go with you. Do not go on your own. You also need to take a witness with you. It would be great if you knew someone who knows about education a teacher, for example. A lawyer would be best. If not someone who can take detailed notes at the meeting. If you can't think of anyone, then go without one but take detailed notes, or ask if you can record the meeting so that you can type it up afterwards. If she says no, then postpone the meeting until you can find someone who will take minutes of the meeting - the students union should be able to. This is very important because otherwise they will deny everything that has been decided and continue to fob you off.

    If you are already working at a higher level that doesn't qualify you for in class support, then you are very close to passing the course! So do not give up.

    Don't delay -do it now!! Are you in the UK? Let me know what you think?

  • Thanks well I have to do English/comms part of my course had to do a test with out extra time and only managed to get two questions right out of the whole test it couldn’t be given a score. I have had to buy yellow paper as they still haven’t sulepied me with it and they are still giving me things in white I only get one hour a week one to one support that’s all I’m getting at the moment. My tutors not really caring he did speak to soon people so gave him a chance but nothing be done since then and it’s monday went to lesson my dyslexia wasn’t even made aware of the comms tutor which is slightly annoying that I have to do a level 3 English exam and have entry levels for English and maths how am I supposed to do or pass it without any suport

  • That all sounds like a complete mess to me! They are either incompetent or fobbing you off. Have you had a proper assessment? In other words have you got something in writing that establishes that you are dyslexic and that you need accommodations to support your learning, such as yellow paper and extra time? If you have then they have no excuse. Go and tell the principal asap.

  • Yes I do it is written in the report that not only I need yellow paper but in class suport as well as speech to text software. Also extra time there quite a bit written down but yet again no one taking me seriously have contemplated going to head of the department asking for meeting to discuss the situation but they are normally not available it’s frustrating as I have a job interview tomorrow and if I get it then there is a high chance of me quiting college if I’m not getting the suport like last week I was supposed to have one to one she wasn’t in and I actually needed the suport I’m not getting straight time with assignments either but my tutor is saying we need things in ASAP and I haven’t started stuff even though he is full aware of my dyslexia that’s why I feel I give up

  • Good luck with the job interview -but don't just give up your course. Go the the head of the college. Then you tell them your whole story and your experiences. I guarantee the staff will change their tune once their boss tells them to buck up their ideas.

  • True I’m not afraid of going to head either as I’m hitting a brick wall again just get a few things to suport me it’s surely not that hard. I find it funny that you go to uni and get a lot of suport college nothing it’s just so frustrating I want to get on an achieve this course but it is very hard when no one listens I’m at the point of now making a complaint about it.

    And thanks

  • OK my son is having very similar problems. So keep calm and write down all the points you want to make to the head of the college and take all your reports and paper work with you too. Remember the head wants you to do as well as you can and needs to know what's going on in the college. S/he will want the staff to do everything possible to support you. Go ASAP with someone who can write notes as you talk. Keep calm and you will get results. If you lose it you won't!! Go to the secretary and tell them you need an urgent appointment to see the head of the college. I'm sure you are very brave so go for it!!! As a teacher I can see that you actually write and express yourself well -with someone checking through your work and making sure you hit the deadlines you will pass.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Yeah I know I write quite good it’s because I have a program I bought installed for me so it’s corrects my English and yes all I need is someone one to help me understand my assignments and read and help with my work that’s all I’m asking for not a great deal either.

  • So just to say I put in a letter of complaint into the college and just waiting to see what’s happens

  • Good whatever the response is make sure you get it in writing. This is the start of a battle! Then ask to see the head -like I said before :) Well done.

  • Yes I had made a formal complaint they are looking in to it for me spoke to my head of catering yesterday and I also quit the course because I wasn’t getting anywhere with it and now I have a job as I’m not going to keep up with it and all the stress it’s the best decision I have made

  • Tutors have a legal obligation to create a differentiated programme for you. Most just don't have the time because they are swamped under by huge amounts of paperwork.

    If you push and complain they will have to. Being Dyslexic makes you want to hide and not push and complain in case you are wrong. Fight that and become difficult and you will be helped more. I am only just finding out that if you do not make a fuss you are invisible.

  • Yeah I know but I been pushing for the last two weeks nothing is being done it is frustrating as my course is very hard and if I can’t get the suport I’m not going to be able to continue.

  • My girlfriend thinks i have duslexia, she thinks that i show signs. How do i go about knowing for sue and getting help?

  • You need to find a educational psychologist that does the test I went through British Dyslexia Association

  • is there a fee involved for the test?

  • Yes there I paid £720 but if you can find an education psychologist online they will do it for cheaper I couldn’t find one so went through British Dyslexia Association because that’s all I could find but they were very good I must

  • It's time you 'named and shamed' this institution that is treating you so badly!

  • I have

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