ADHD with dyslexia

I'm an adult at 47 i've always been diagnosed with dyslexia just recently been diagnosed with a ADAH !!! Growing up I always knew I was different found it very difficult to cope with life I a certain age and I learnt to deal with it and hide away from everybody when I knew I was going into my dark phaseI would disappear for days Hideaway embarrassed by myself actions take out my parents blame them for everything xx now I know what I've been dealing with I'm going to change my life


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  • Good for you! Be patient. I imagine it will probably take time to unpick the complicated strategies you've created to cope, and there will still be dark days. But keep going. Very best wishes!

  • I am going through the same. I blame it on my family.... I hide it from everyone that this is why I was a introvert!! I am now beginning to talk about my dyslexia or learning disability that I call. I haven't been diagnosis with ADHD but I believe that I have it. I am very afraid. One, my dad who I talk to don't want me to go there. Two, I have a mental illness which I feel I got because childhood abuse which is developed from the many learning disabilities!! I don't know how to get help?? Ironically, I am working on the mi/childhood abuse but dyslexia/others related scares me but I put myself through college to overcome/work on learning disabilities!! So I am working on them!! With all the self work, I should feel empowered as I come from a narcissistic family which I am the opposite like the black sheep!! It is that I am terrible with relationships=people!! Could it be the autism of me?? As I noticed that I talked about this and put into autism. I looked into it as I read into this, as I worked into this. I don't want to have mental illnesses based on personality disorders!! I have to remember this. Therefore, I should get to know the authentic me! As this is the package that is dealt!!

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