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At the age of 19 finally getting a private dyslexia test.

After a number of years not knowing and the day to day struggles I have had. I had the most amazing support through my educational life from my mum which has been a struggle the majority of time I want to quit because it takes it out of me and don't get much from it. The reason why I can wright as good as I can is due to having private tuition from the age of 7 and up until i was 18 but i realise how much i struggle without that help.

But after years of pushing from my mum and doctor appointment and school meetings telling me I'm fine nothing wrong but they don't know the struggles and usually hid them well. Bu my mum has always known since I was a baby she noticed a lot of things that were wrong with me but I looked deep into dyslexic seeing baby symptoms and up until an adult might as well written a book on my them. I'm so lucky to have my mum as it's now affecting my life so much and can't even do simple tasks and It frustrating but maybe knowing and how to deal with it will realise me as I feel trap inside my brain not knowing the reason why I can't do simple task wright correctly with English which is a world I hate.

I have programs installed to correct all my English and put in the correct words for me.

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I'm soo happy for you. I know the struggles of not having those around you like your teachers understand how hard it is for you.

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Oh i know all my childhood and school life was always told nothing wrong even through I have trouble with speach and language problems which didn't get picked up until I left primary but didn't get any other help just a few lessons to help which didn't last for long and then had no help. Off them. Due to having average grades and that was due to a tutor privately which was two hours every week the last tutor basically wrote for me but I would try to say what I want but he would put it into words.

I think knowing what is wrong with me I can try to adapt my life with some strategies as I'm struggling every day. It sucks that my mum has to pay a lot of money to get it done but meaning if I am then I can get more help as I would like to go to uni but it is stopping me from doing daily tasks.

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