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Am i dyslexic?

Im 19 and think i could be dyslexic, i stuggle with spelling, reading, simple counting, telling the time, dont read books, struggle reading aloud, never learnt to hold a pen properly, sturuggle with exams but do well in coursework/practical assesments. I show a few signs of dyslexia. But, it was never picked up on when i was at school, now im going to university and i feel like whatever this is is going to affect my exams. I feel like im smart in other things, just not exams and revising etc.

One of my friends joked i was dyslexic the other day, and it just made me more certain.

What do i do and who do i speak to if i think i am?

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When you start university they can test you, otherwise you could do it before but you would need to pay and I think the tests vary between £300&£500 depending on your location


Speak to you tutor at school. You could also ask to be referred when you get to uni. My uni was fab with my. Assessed me and made sure I was looked after.

If you are dyslexic, don't worry about it, it won't hinder you. But you are showing the same symptoms as me!

If you need anything shout


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I would find my local dyslexic association and see if they run any assessments, as these can cost around £40.00 and then if so seek further advice.


Hi the university should have a special need dept. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 23. But I have managed to get diploma level 3/4 last year at the age of 29.

But anyway I would start taking to the university first see what their can help with. But you can be smart as dyslexic doesn't affect your intelligence. But you should be proud of yourself.

Good luck for the future and getting a diagnose


Contact your Uni's learning support department. They have a legal obligation to help you. They will know exactly what to do. If you are dyslexic they will put all sorts of things in place for your exams, ie extra time, a scribe etc. So get the ball rolling ASAP. The sooner they know the better because they will need to assess your needs. Don't worry you'll get through it but remember you don't have to do it alone. Let us know how you get on.


The university will be able to fund the testing, which is around £300 for the full test, which is what they will require. After a positive test result the uni will put all the necessary things in place to help you.

Please don't be afraid that you will be diagnosed with dyslexia as once you know you can understand why so many things aren't the same for you as for your friends, and help is here on this website.

My husband was diagnosed last year, at 63, and he is completing his degree this month! He has only had help for one year but it has made a huge difference, and also I have been able to understand him better. The diagnosis has made a difference in his learning but also daily living and as more people know, your life will be less stressful.

Best wishes


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