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At 19 years of fighting school, i finally getting a dyslexic test this Wednesday coming. Im just feeling apprehensive of it as don't know what to expect will happen and feeling tad scared for it. I bee waiting for a long time to happen so I think realisation has kicked in and starting to worry about it now. Just want a bit of advice so I have some sort of idea what happens

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  • There’s no need to worry, even though I did before mine. I was tested 18 months ago (aged 26). Just do what you can & how you normally would go around things then they assessor will get a true reflection. I had to read a piece of text where I was asked questions after, we did phonics things, pattern stuff etc. Nothing to worry about at all! Xx

  • Ok thank you im just a bit anxious about it as I have to prepare my self to do something as huge as this to calm my nerves otherwise i get a panic attack but didnt realise how quick its gone and am freaking out a little

  • Tell the assessor that too. I get anxious and panicky and I hate tests etc they wrote about all of that in my report. I also work better off paper, they even included that in my report which allowed me to have paper exams (as some were on the pc). Anything I can help with feel free to ask :)

  • Ok thank you.

    I don't like paper either I can speak better but I don't use white paper I use yellow as I cant put anything on white so wondering do i need to say that. I have a speech to text technology as its only way i can do assignments other which is also printed on yellow.

    If i didnt have my laptop i would be lost

  • Yup! My report states that I should have paper tests printed on orange paper or the use of an overlay as I can’t do white paper either.

  • Ok thanks did they do the little tests on white paper when having your assessment

  • The lady I saw had cream paper with ruled lines on. I’d like to think dyslexia assessors know a bit better then giving people white paper 😂

  • ok i did email and say but didnt get a response but didnt say that in the comment box when booking my test.

    How long did yours last for and did they give an indication or did u have to wait for the report

  • I used to be a teaching assistant, the lady who tested our students tested me like privately, so she did it at her house in the evenings as I knew her. I had two, two hour sessions and yeah she gave me a general idea then wrote the report and called me back to talk over it. Could be different for you though x

  • Ok well they said it would take 4 hours an hour for talking then the other 3 hours to do the tests

  • Please, please try not to worry. These are diagnostic tests, not tests that you pass or fail -they will flag up areas that need to be worked on. If you can put it out of your mind and do nice things before Wednesday, then you'll be doing yourself a big favour. The assessor will know that each person is an individual with individual needs, so all you have to do is tell her about your anxiety, panic attacks, white paper, and anything else that is relevant to your learning and all will be fine.

    Let us know how you get on. Well done :)

  • Thank you for the advice I’m trying to put it out of my mind which is happening a little so just want Wednesday to come the waiting game makes me worse with my nerves

    I will let u know how I get on

  • Good advice

  • Hi Nadine, YOU ARE NOT ALONE Trust me.. You will feel much better when you go in and get seen..Don't think of it as a " TEST " more of an Diagnostics ... Don't make my mistakes and run away from it as you can't and it will Eat you up as it has done to me and still doing so but by the Lords will i Will get it sorted and over come my fears... i totaly get where you are coming from... Words are Easy than Actions but just speak to us here and whoever will listen to you! We all have our issues i can asure you of that :)

    Am here if you need someone to talk to and i'd like to keep in touch with you and see how you get on!

    All the best

    JT xx

  • Thanks for replying I suffer from so many other things I just really anxious for it as Im struggling with college at the moment so things are getting on top of me and can't really speak to a tutor for help as they don't really give it or support

  • That's okay... Am sure you have a student support officer at the college ?

  • Yeah I do Always in there

  • Morning ... okay well that’s great you are at least speaking to someone! Unfortunately most teachers don’t know how to support pepole with dyslexia..

  • No they don’t none of my tutors don’t care and rather take the mick out of me or joking about my difficulties or use it to get one over on me they dont help so I struggle but they tell me it’s all in my head so by doing this tests helps me to know get help and to shove it up there noses when I get the report and will also be putting a letter with it as well

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