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I want to study with the OU.. and would like to hear from students that have studied with them. I've spoken with a course advisor who said they offer support, but I'm just worried it won't be as good, as the support I would receive at a brick university. I want to do OU as it's flexible and I can carry on working.. just don't want to fail if the support isn't in place.

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I have thought about doing a Masters Degree with Open University and I have dyslexia. I would like to hear what others have to say about the support they received.

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I think it would be useful to ask what they mean when they say they offer support. I did an online course with another university on the psychology of reading (mainly focussing on difficulties). They gave good lectures online and the staff were really good, but I was really surprised that it was so heavily text based and dependent on research papers. I imagine the OU to have more imaginative and multi-sensory approaches, but I would ask if they deliver their information in a way that suits you. I also wish I had visited the university and had a face-to-face with the tutors, as that would have helped me. In the end, I managed to get two-thirds of the way through, but I would have needed some face-to-face time to discuss the work I was doing on the final module, to have completed the course. I realise now I should have been explicit about what I needed.

hi i am in my last year with the OU. I was at brick university for my fd degree I am from northern Ireland and the support has been great. I get so many hours a year this can be different for everyone. if you get those hours you can have email, phone or meeting's. this can happen in your home or out. I go to a coffee shop ones a week and my support worker is really good. hopefully pass this year p.s if ur not happy with support worker just ask to change

Thanks for replying. The support sounds good didn't know it was actual one to one meetings. What do you mean by so many hours a year? What are you studying. I can't seem to make up my mind. Lol. So over all your happy with them.

Hello, I am married to a 63year old Open university student who was only diagnosed this year. He has completed four years of his History course, and only had to repeat one year, so been working on it for 5 years. He had difficulty in the beginning as he was working 60 hours per week. Now he has retired but is my full time carer. The difference I have seen since his diagnosis and the help he now receives is phenomenal. He was scoring 40 to 45% before and now he is scoring 75%. There were discussions about what type of help he needed, and has now got a text to speech programme and other software. The tutors are aware and always give time extensions on the assignments. It has been hard going for us all but the pride we have that he has got this far is tremendous. You should go ahead, and enjoy the experience.

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