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trouble with capitals

I have always had trouble with capitals when I am writing things out by hand. I know the rules very well, but as I write I slip into capitals very easily especially in the middle of words. I have heard that capitals are processed in another part of the brain, and this makes sense to me. I think that as my orientation slips and my concentration starts to hurt, I include the capitals to pin the words down to the page, this stops me from imagining them in a three dimensional way. In this way I find that I can write for longer without getting too confused. The conventions of writing all lower case for e-mail addresses and all in capitals for official forms add another layer of difficulty again. Does anyone else do this?

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I have trouble with grammar as reworded too to make in sentence to ensure its understandable as I am deaf too as English was not first as sign language and I was not learning in the A to B order so you not alone as I don't always breaks in sentences so tell me if you don't understand my replying please


It sounds to me like your clever unconscious found a way around your dyslexia. I would just go with it and write all in caps. As for emails, they will go through whether they are in upper or lower case (only passwords are sensitive.) If it's a form where you have to impress someone (like a job application), they will usually allow you to take it home and fill it out at your leisure. If it's an application for a credit card, they can read all caps. They are trying to get your money so they wouldn't dare play Grammar Nazi.

It also looks to me you do fine with a keyboard. Maybe because the letters printed on the keys are all in caps. I know I do MUCH better with a keyboard than a pen and I've read most dyslexics do. Is it because the keys show all caps? I think you've stumbled onto something!

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