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Reading ,writing , copying

Anyone got any tips with reading

With copying writing on to paper but end up missing out words and miss spell the actual word as it strains my eyes reading copying and writing.

I have got tinted glasses that I’m trying out new but need some other tips to help me if there are any

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Follow the word with your thumb? I have to do this with telephone numbers. I use my thumb to uncover each number as I dial it in. Not sure if this will help you.

Also I have discovered an app called FBreader. It's a free e-reader that will let you adjust the font, size of type and also the background and font colors. It will also read aloud to you with several different voices and accents. Of course it only does ebooks so that may not be much help to you.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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Thanks Just have to keep researching. My eyes don’t focus together so it’s more difficult to read and copy off whiteboards I got coloured tints to reduce me strainging my eyes while trying to read. I tried a few things

But thanks anyway


My soon has Irlen syndrome something I had never heard of until my sons dyslexic tutor mentioned it to me, he has glasses that are specific to his eyes, you can google it

Just type in Irlen syndrome, also

Meares-Irlen syndrome, I think you may be surprised and reckonise a lot of symptoms.

My son used to get pains in his chest before he started wearing the glasses, so bad he would cry.

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Thanks I get server headaches I’m over sensitive to light. I been to my opticians and they given me green tinted glasses along with a reading prescription because my eyes don’t focus together so the right eye is trying to do everything and it’s strainging me didn’t realise this until I had the test which was very strainful on the eyes.

I struggle with copying I usually miss out words or the wrong spelling. I can read but end up going over the same part or my eyes will be at the bottom of the page if that makes sense


That is one of the symptoms of Irlen syndrome, my son has to use coloured paper and sit in the classroom where the lighting is not so bright as this will affect him if he forgets his glasses even makes him sick. They told nothing could be done on the nhs but then I found out it can at the hospital. Keep away from white paper try coloured you would of seen Irlen paper but never would of put the two together, it’s findi the right colour for you

Blue yellow green loads of colours magenta they are great best of all no more headaches

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Thanks I use yellow overlay yellow paper yellow screen on my computer which helps a lot.

I use pink highlighter for important information when trying to read or look at the information.

I got teal colour tints but yellow and blue were combined because yellow was my colour but had to be careful of becoming photo sensitive so my optician said it would be better if he put a bit of blue in..

which I must say has made the difference I’m able to right down information for a longer period as before I couldn’t as I would get headaches vison would start to go and seeing more words differently. My eyes are looking at white but hates it so any forms or anything in white I give to my mum I can’t look at white but with the tints it’s better but I’m only just had them so trying them out and seeing if I need to go darker.


The problem is the opticians are most probably giving you lenses for dyslexia, I think you can send off for colour overlays for Irlen, as there is a difference. Wear glasses or sunglasses outside on bright days even in the winter as the sun will even effect your eyes, keep going with your lenses though. it took a while for my son to get used to his Irlen glasses, he still won’t wear them outside but he is only 10 and it’s just not cool, well that’s what I get told.

If I can help you with anything else let me know and if I think of things I do with my son I will let you know.

But do try lots of different colours of papers there maybe one that’s perfect not ok.


Thanks so would it be wise to get an irelen test done then. As I already spent out on 200 pounds on glassses for anti glare and tints. They did tell me to go to a behaviour eye test but it’s more money again so the opticians was cheaper and I had to go private for dyslexia test and dyspraxia test too. I do struggle quite a bit so I need anything to help

I already have a yellow overlay


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