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New job i did not tell them i had dyslexia as i wanted a job. i have been in the job 4 weeks and we have test every week. Have to get 80% but I get only 69 %. i work for a council, the training has been so poor, we don't even have manuals we have to make our own notes.

Told manager i wanted to be referred to occupational health to get tested, he was not that happy push me into a corner, as he said I am asking for him to treat me differently, so i said lets delay this.

But today I have emailed him and asked to be referred.

can i lose my job for failing the test??

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Occupational health will suggest contacting acess to work for a work based assessment. Your manager is wrong you are not asking to be treated differently yiur asking for reasonable adjustments for a disability if an orginsation or manager does not provide this they are in breach of the equality act.

Well done for sticking to yiur guns and getting a referral to occupational health I would also ask your Hr dpt I'd they have Somone who looks after disabiled staff.


It sounds like your employer is being unreasonable. You were under no obligation to declare your disability prior to getting your job. Read the Equality act 2010 dyslexia is covered by that and it states employers must make reasonable adjustments so you are not at a disadvantage. Best of luck.




thanks, In training today one of the trainers said to one of my colleagues, when i called him to help me 'This may take a while'. Meaning the dunce in the corner who still does not understand how our boring systems to calculate revenue still needs my help, Hence he is cultivating an attitude against me and breaking confidentiality that I may have an issue. I cant prove this


I have had this issue as well were I was singled out in work because of my disability. What I did was document any incedents what Happed, where and time etc and also how it made me feel and any people who witness the incedent. I used it to help me recall the incidents that Happed and it also showed a timeline of incedebts which higlighed the person in questions attitude towards people with a disability. Hope this helps


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