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Hi! I have recently left the job I commented on in my last post. But, I have secured a new job, with an understanding boss, a chilled out atmosphere and the job is going well too so far. I am very proud of myself, I know I have a lot of lovely people who are my friend's and now my boss is so patient and seems to put things in a way I understand. There are some excellent companies that not only support their staff, who are all very different in abilities and know how to get the best out of their staff which is what we need.

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That't great news! And very encouraging for others on this forum


Thank you Dyslexia-tutor, that is so lovely x



And maybe some day we will be able to name the companies that are intelligent enough to employ those with perspectives that may give companies the edge on their competitors as well as comply with non-discrimination legislation e.g. Equality Act (2010)


Thanks friendlylion, yes and perhaps some day the reverse will be possible to name and shame less intelligent companies, who employ those you mentioned, but then go on to discriminate against them breaking the discrimination legislation you stated in your comment without fear of legal action etc. When the individuals are more than capable of undertaking the positions they work in, but need more understanding, different ways of working, help and support in their positions to feel just like their colleagues even though they are different in reality.

Thank you again for your comment :-)


And maybe the time is now.

Actually I would be happy to name any organisation I come across that seems particularly 'good' at neurodiversity. I do not think I have found one yet. And definitely not the dyslexia org represented by a new employee I met at a do a year or so ago who, no word of a lie, said of people who are dyslexic, 'I suppose it mightbe difficult for them at times but it isn't like they are disabled or anything like that'.

The reason I do not name any organisation that I consider to be discriminatory to its custom base is not because of fear of legal action but because they are already forgotten.

If I have had experience on the inside as it were of their discrimination I have have left them as have no faith in them and would not give them the oxygen of mentioning their name, or I am still involved and doing my best to do what good I can and try to change things.

That currently includes one university and two charities.

It might be considered self-serving, but if I manage to win a couple of the battles I am currently fighting, I may go public. Hmmm, I think actually that perhaps should read if I lose them I will go public!

Again very happy you have found a better place to settle for a while, Yasmin.


Hi Friendlylion, thank you for your comment, I guess you are right with the bit about using oxygen on them I thought was true and funny. I am very proud of what I have achieved, yes I am different from "Non Dyslexic's" but I am also capable of doing a lot they can do just in a different way. Some people get you instantly on meeting you, while others don't and misunderstand you or think you are causing trouble when in reality you are not. You try and understand what you need to do, but sometimes don't understand how to do it until someone explains it in a way you understand.

My boss has done that straight away, he even said "we won't mention your dyslexia" he seems to understand how I work etc and is so patient with me and other colleagues as they all are. I hope he keeps me on permanently as I really like it and it is so close to home that I don't have to travel very far.

I hope you win your battles, and even if you don't from what you have said it won't be a total loss as you have moved on. But employers cannot be allowed to do this to people who are through no fault of their own different to others, this is not acceptable at all.

Keep smiling and thank you again for the nice comment.


Hi Yasmin

How many employers have I had that understand dyslexia......

Even when they say they do.......

No, still thinking of one!

So glad you've got one and hope it's stays a cushty number :)


Thank you Friendlylion, I know what you mean not many employers know or understand what it is like, or how a dyslexic works. Some don't even bother to even try to understand and help you, and others have never worked with a dyslexic.

But my boss seems to understand, I'm not sure if he also has it but he is so patient and explains things in a way I understand and doesn't get angry or impatient with me because I don't do something the way I should.


Well done! It's a shame that your past employers didn't take a different route as they could have learned a great deal from you and been much better employers because of it! Good luck with your new job.


Hi Giosang, Thank you for your lovely comment on my post, yes it would have been better if my past employers had of taken a different route, but sadly they didn't and have lost out. Take care x


Don't see dyslexia as a hinderance. Your brain just works a different way. I'm dyslexic. I always let people know I am. It's difficult to hide behind purple glasses


Thank you Clairetreadwell for your comment, I am like you I always tell an employer I have dyslexia. I don't have the purple glasses like you. I know my brain works in a different way and it takes a bit longer to understand something that "Non Dyslexic's" may understand in seconds. We are who we are, and everyone of us should be proud of who we are :-)


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