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Dyslexia is a gift: a call for role models

Dyslexia is a gift: a call for role models

For Sally Gardner, award winning novelist from London, dyslexia gave her the gift of thinking through images, to have a different approach to life.

She makes a call for public role models for children and adults today. Her personal favorites: “F Scott Fitzgerald, Agatha Christie, John Lennon and Einstein”.

See Sally Gardner's blog on The Guardian. theguardian.com/commentisfr...

Who has been a role model for you?

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Agatha Christie. I'm not sure if she's a role model but she is definitely an inspiration. When I start wondering if I have a right to even write I remember her. She was very successful as a writer and her dyslexia was worse than mine. In her day Agatha's books outsold everyone except the Bible and since most of those were given as gifts to people who never read them, I guess you could say she was more popular than God. :-)


Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, Richard Branson, Pablo Picasso - I really could go on and on - what a gift we have!


I am 65 and had problems with reading and writing for all my life, I thank the day that computer made my life easier. after learning and media productions from three different colleges.

I am now setting up a Dyslexic Media Group in Quinton Birmingham which as very little for people with learning problems or metal problems.

I have spent so far of my own money in set-up over £5.000 and more to do!

Dyslexics have the GIFT of media which ever form it takes.

Carry on using your GIFT

Kenneth Ferris ( Cameraman)


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