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Advice for booking a test

Hi I'm 19 I'm looking for the correct places to look for an assessment. I have found British Dyslexia Association but want some advice on the best place for it.

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I found it useful to go for the full assessment - then you get a complete picture. I saved up for it and it was well worth it. After a lot of research I went for a fully qualified Educational and Occupational Psychologist near me. I read their statement and felt confident they were neutral.


Ok thanks for the advice I have seen online a education psychologist but I'm looking for a full assessment and I want the report too I have tried asking special needs person who deals with that subject at college but wasn't much help for me so trying to find one on my own. I also don't want to spend a fortune on a test either as I looked at the BDA and they wanted £720 but i need to get one done as soon as I can but I need to find one that is good and is trustful


Any educational psychologist can do an assessment I used BDA and ended up paying for them to set up meeting so probably better to book direct with the ed psychologist direct

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Yeah I seen that they charge £720 which is a lot of money don't mind paying but is it worth all that money


i need my son assessed school said his fine but clearly isnt how do i get a test done im in hertfordshire


I have just booked a test with British Dyslexia Association it has cost £720.00. Im having it done next month they even come to the house to do it as well.


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