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What works for dyslexia


I can tell you what helped me.

The main thing I experienced was a constant feeling that I was stupid, as I struggled with the basic tasks but the complicated ones came easily to me. I felt I had to hide my condition as I had no support in school. My attention span was very short and I became very tired very quickly when studying.

When I was at the Open University, dyslexia assessor recommended I try John Levine’s Alphamusic album Silence of Peace whilst studying. I also was given colored glasses, computer software – read and write gold and dragon software. The glasses helped me to read better as it stopped words getting mixed up. Computer software helped with spelling. Alphamusic worked in conjunction with these to help concentration and tiredness and helped lower my anxiety level. I found I could study for more than an hour at a time without any exhaustion. This increased my productivity immensely.

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Thank you for your tips - my dyslexic husband would be able to relate to you, as he always feels stupid even though he has a degree! Good luck with your studies, don't let your dyslexia hold you back!

Thank you! I'm looking into Alphamusic. I noticed John has samples on YouTube.

I have found facing my fears and working on what I struggle with daily has helped. Probably rather stupidly I took a job where quite a lot of the role involved reading and proofing... I struggled a bit to start with, but my spelling has improved so much. I guess I am saying repetition works for me.

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