I found really cheap color overlays!

You have all heard of those magic colored overlays that cure dyslexia? Okay, in reality it does help some dyslexics. Problem is they are expensive. At our local Dollar Tree (found in US and Canada) I bought some index dividers that are made of transparent plastic in 7 different colors. You can try them out and see if any work for you. If it really is magic for you, then you can invest in something better. This is a cheap test. Here is what they look like:


I'm sure other stores carry them, so check out your local dollar store equivalent. (Just had to share. My cousin calls me a "bargain bragger.")

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  • The colored keyboard also helps criba.dk won the EU educational award.

  • This sounds intriguing, but your link isn't working...at least not here in the U.S.

  • Hi UaLiathain, thanks for posting, it's good to know there are cheaper options out there for overlay users. You may already know this but If coloured overlays help you, then you have Meares-Ireln Syndrome (MIS) or Visual Stress (as well as your dyslexia). The coloured overlays help to reduce the glare from the white background when you are reading so that you can see the words more clearly. With a white background words can start to distort and play tricks on you - like optical illusions or Op Art. People with MIS do not process bright light as efficiently as ordinary people, so brightness bothers you all of the time - like car headlights at night - they can really hurt your eyes. 1 in 5 people have symptoms of MIS but it's not a learning difference, it's a perception disorder. That's why getting rid of the glare allows you to read faster, for longer and you can actually take in what you're reading for a change. Colour doesn't work for dyslexic traits but most people can read better with a calmer background. This webpage would be easier to read with a magnolia background but if you have MIS you will definitely prefer a good colour (you have to choose, everyone is different). You can have MIS with any other condition and a lot of people don't know they have it. How would you know what text should look like if you've never seen it behaving its self? I'm glad colour helps you and I'm glad you've brought the subject up on the forum. There are loads of websites out there to give you more info, if you are interested, try this one colour2c.co.uk.

  • Thank you for the technical background. I like comments that add to the post.

  • chriba.dk that should work.

  • Thanks. I always cheat and just copy and paste the https address from above into emails and posts since I transpose letters. (I even have to double check my own name!)

  • Thank you. Where did you buy these? Nice to reuse the keyboard.

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