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Is I Possible For An Adult To Be Tested For Dyslexia For Free

Hi, im curious about getting tested for dyslexia, i recently found out my son has dyslexia after 3 yrs of going back and forth at the school about my sons lack of reading and writing skills, and i was always being fogged of, not getting enough help, and when he entered yr 3 i was told he could no longer do english booster classes as they dont do it for his yr, even though he thoroughly needed it as hes in very bottom reading group. and even though he goes with a reading teacher once a week in a small group of 6 i didnt think that was acceptable and was sick of having them say hes clearly not reading enough at home. when im making him read at least twice a day and finally i had enough and went above his teachers head to the school councilor, explaining my worries to her. And shes now started helping, making sure my son has reading 3-4 times a week and also having a 6yr sit with him once a week, and i suggested getting him tested to rule it out just narrow down whats preventing him progressing on. and thats when i just found hes dyslexia. So then i went on more in depth with the whole thing and reading up symptoms of dyslexia i was really shocked that alot was brought home to my own past experiences and problems then and now. I had problems copying of board, kept re-reading sentences but only able to right down 2 words at a time before i resisted looking back up at board again, my eye site is good never needed glasses, and as for reading, i had assisted help all way to the end of the 1st yr in secondary school and found it embarrassing sneaking into the help room without anyone else seeing me. and to this day i thought i was just slow and forgetful and well thick. i have problems with instructions and need them shown to me a few times before im able to understand among so many other things. I decided to think maybe i need testing but i found the prices ridiculously high as im currently unemployed. And i wouldn't even know where or how to go about trying to find where to get tested and if its even possible to be tested for free. I seriously would appreciate any suggestions or help in anyway that anyone has to give. Thank you soo much :) (p.s..spell check is a life savor)

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!!!! Always get the full range of spLDs tested for. !!!!

If you are gonna get tested be prepared for the shock!

Also you must get training to deal with your problems as the self diagnosis and work arounds although good can mean you wasting time.

Yes. It is possible to get a free test.

If your dyslexia is severe;

- Go to doctor.

- Apply for ESA, on failing appeal and get legal aid to get an educational psychologist to test you.

- join a dyslexia research trial. Google this

If your dyslexia is mild to slight;

- Enrol on a free or paid course and apply for a dyslexia screen, then get a proper test from an educational pchycologist

Very important!!!!!!!!

Get tested on the full spectrum of spLDs. Dyslexia is not always the lone problem.

From an educational psychologist. Not the other screening test from a lower standard. Screens don't hold water.

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