My child has been assessed by an EP for the first time

He scored low for memory, spelling, phonics and omitted words when reading. His fluency in reading is far lower than his comprehension. His handwriting needs lots of work too. The EP said that he couldn't diagnose dyslexia as his literacy levels weren't low enough - even though all the traits are there and he needs help throughout the day and in lessons. Any pointers? Thanks

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  • I am 60 and Dyslexic. So my father invented a method for me just based on morse code and forms on paper. I learned not to listen to all the specialists and try different solutions. When I needed a better solution I designed and programmed one for myself. There are very inexpensive solutions under 2 Pound Sterlings you can try. It normally takes 10 time for each word before you can remember the word. The meaning comes later. I was 30 before it all came together.

  • I have a dyslexic child and have been through the system eg tribunal to get help for my son. So pretty much know everything there is to know. Was the EP a private one who one from the Local Authority ie school organised?

  • Hi austinsmrs, it was an lea one tbh if I hadve paid private I would have looked at a refund! On the positive his weaknesses did show as weaknesses in his assessment results but I felt he was there for the school rather than my child :(

  • Hi, my son 7 yr old son was assesed by an EP a few months ago & had his dyslexia confirmed ( much to the annyoance of the head teacher who had expressed he wanted a diagnosis of ADHD!!). EPs are supposed to work for the child, in conjunction with the parents. Their roll is not to work for the school. Now that you are in the system, you can request a re-evaluation from the LEA. You have the right to be there & you also have the right to a family interview with the EP, without any membets of the school staff present. We found the interview to be invaluable, as it gave the EP a genuine & deep insight into our son that a bias head teacher could never provide. Good luck & although it"s difficult, just keep fighting.

  • Thanks km72, I'm taking advice from dyslexia action. The facts speak for themselves. But I would be very concerned if the next EP came from the LEA as they just cover their backs. The only thing I'm sure if is that I'm not alone :)

  • Yes the LA ED Psych are on team LA not yours thats why it is so important to get an independent report, without it you really have no legs to stand on. Also reports can be only done once in period of 6 months for each test ie WIAT II, WISC IV or BAS etc. I would strongly advise you get one done either through Dyslexia Action or privately. Plus once you have this report you can give to the SENCO at school and they can then put your child on School Action/ SA Plus and give him extra help. Sometimes that is enough but if the centiles are low on the report he is going to need all the help you can get and that often only comes from a statement. You can ask the LA to formally assess him they always say no 9/10 and then you write off to tribunal SEND to let a judge decide if there is evidence that a formal assessment is the only way forward to ascertain what help your son needs. All this costs nothing just gets expensive when you start fighting with solicitors etc.

  • Hi, he's been on SA+ since 2012 with very little progress. I'm building my case at the moment as he does need support and will need support once in secondary for definite.

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