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Hi I'm 39 and have just been diagnosed with Type 2. Recent bloods have been quite high so started on Metformin 500mg 2x daily. So far, not so bad. Blood seeems to be stable, but high based on given figures. My dad is type 1, my mum was type 2 and I had gestational with my youngest so no surprise. really. Still slightly dazed by the confirmation and working hard to try and understand the condition as its so much more than I realised..

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Don't get disheartened. IDM can help you a lot.

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No matter what the circumstances, when you find out for the first time, you can go through some terrific lows and suffer sometimes mood swings. It is not the news you wanted to hear, but then you say to yourself, you may have expected to hear it. Stage one - you are aware and want to find out all that you can about what you have. Stage two - your own education. Stage three - setting a programme that works for you. Rome was not built in a day, but you can certainly come to a good start in meeting people who are going through the same. We can still learn from our parents as in your case, following what works well for them and you can be of great help and assistance. You are all in it together and can help each other thrive. I hope that is of further help to you. Remember, don't beat yourself up when making efforts to put things right.


Even when diabetes is in the family it can be a shock when you get the diagnosis of Type 2. My mum as T2 on insulin and my sister is also T2 and I was complacent and didn't think I'd get it despite GP telling me I would if I didn't act now! That was 15 years ago and I was diagnosed in 2011.

I find trying to keep my carbs in check helps, getting some exercise and generally being aware of what I'm eating helps. I also find the diabetes.org.uk website and facebook page are excellent and I did the Xperthealth.org.uk course on diabetes about 4 years ago and it was invaluable in getting my head around everything.

I hope that you are able to get to grip with your levels, I'm now on 6.3 for my HbA1c, I started at 7.8 in 2011, its not always easy, but if you keep at it you will get your levels lower. Good luck.


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