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Totally Confused


I ended up in hospital last Sat & came home Mon as my speech was really bad, but the Consultant on the Stroke ward said that it was linked to my Epilepsy, but the Junior doctor said that it was a 2nd stroke on the 16th which agreed with what the doctor said @ our surgery

I have been told 3 different things in 10 days as to what happened, we've ruled out what was said in A&E, but whether 2 events happened, we'll never know. This Consultant has also stopped my Tinnitus tablets without telling me & it's slowly getting worse, so I'm gonna have to buy a herbal replacement, I threw a right wobbly when I found out about that! I can't cope with not knowing things & can only accept what people have told me, he talked in technical speak so I couldn't understand & wouldn't let me ask what he was on about or what happened that Sat or on the 16th as HE FAILED to put me on the Statins back in Jan which I should have been on!!

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Pitiful you have a right to know in “plain speak” what happened. Geez bad enough we have to wait to see them but more exasperation when we do. Can you send an email for an explanation ? Best of luck sending hugs your way😞

His decision is final, but we think that our doctors surgery got it right & he was covering up for the fact that I was there & shouldn't have been, but the Junior doctor on the ward also agreed with the surgery

All in all, best of wishes. At this time make sure you stay hydrated hydrated hydrated it will help prevent another recurrence

My husband makes sure that we have plenty of drinks & I'm now on the Statins which help you as well to not have anymore, but I dunno how

Lowers your cholesterol perhaps

I guess so, it's Simvastatin that I'm on & it's common for people who've had strokes to go onto a Statin, just hope that the doctor we see next wk doesn't stop it

For me, because i have APS, i was told it helps to decrease my as antibody production as my cholesterol has never been high thank goodness

Had the appointment & it was the same old story: denied my strokes despite there being proof of both & my health problems, again proof of all

Gotta have an MRI scan & see him again for the results, already dreading it! But he did back track himself in a letter that he sent us

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