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Different Strokes
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Hello from Different Strokes

Hello to all the members on the group. Up until now the HealthUnlocked Different Strokes group has been self moderating. Different Strokes would like to offer a more interactive relationship with the group members in the near future and we will soon be able to provide feedback and signpost to other resources and organisations to help you with your questions or comments related to stroke and life after stroke. In the meantime you can find other resources on our website differentstrokes.co.uk or feel free to call our office on 0345 1307172 (UK members)

We pride ourselves on peer support for working age stroke survivors and their friends and family - The majority of staff and trustees are stroke survivors themselves or have a close family connection to stroke.

In addition to support on HealthUnlocked you can join our Facebook group here:


Local support groups:


We look forward to providing more support on HealthUnlocked and welcoming you to our wider services.


Different Strokes

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Hi Jo;

thanks for that. A moderator would be appreciated. The forum description was (is?) for young people who've had a stroke and their carers, whereas I think that the forum should address stoke survivors of all ages and their carers. There are a wide area of issues arising directly from a stroke, to related issues such homonymous hemianopia causing the loss of a car driving licence.


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