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Different Strokes
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Mom in icu for a month and she didn’t gain her conscious back

Hi every one my mom had a stroke on right lobe of her brain which affected her left hand they gave gave her TPA before 3 hours and put her on induced coma after 3 days her breathing become less effective so they intubed her and from ventilator machine she got lungs infection they put her under different antibiotics which none of them worked so in day 7th she had a cardiac arrest too dr told it took 10 minutes to revive her so she went under coma during dat time they gave her Clostin for her lungs infection which start working she was in coma for 5 days then she opened her eyes it’s 2 weeks after her arrest and still she is in vegetarian state last day drs cut her sedation drugs I’m so worried that she stay in this state forever 3 days back I asked her to rise her eyebrows and she did it after one minute but these last 2 days she won’t show any sign that prove she is conscious does anyone has same experience and how long more should I wait that she show some signs of improvement feel so hopeless and just want to die

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My mom is suffering with stroke from last three months. she is still unconscious. she is even not hospitalized.. and we have done every thing what we can. but still my hopes in God. she will come back soon Insha Allah.

I shared my story only to make you strong.

there is someone who makes the decision.


Thank you roman but my mom condition getting worse day by day after stroke and 2 cpr now came to know she has septic shock I feel I’m losing my mind didn’t fix one problem and new troubles come to us 2 days back her dr said she may die any moment in one or two hours but she is still here and fighting for her life since last day only lots of dark blood clots come out of her rectum


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