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Temporary Numb Left Hand

I experience Migraine Aura without headaches 4 times a month

Over the past two years i have had the following :Migraine with aura that lead to vertigo and both hands numb temporary below 5 mins,(each time either standing or walking)the next time after migraine aura numb left hand .Also numb hand again the left one for less than 5 mins but this time no migraine aura.And today the 4th in a 2 year period numbness in left hand below 5 mins My Cardiologist is not concerned same for my GP.I have heard

it's not just in an arm or hand it is usually more symptoms if

it were a TIA strange also how it is always the left hand my less dominant and you would of thought if TIA’s it would affect different parts of my body each not exactly same place each time .As migraine aura constriction of the blood vessel happens at the exact same area and causes the same symptoms.

I would appreciate any ideas,

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I don't know the answer sorry but did see earlier on another forum that one person was shown to have had 2 TIAs in the same place (in the brain I assume) but the effect on the body was not described, not much help sorry.

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Thank you for your reply effieGee

much appreciated.


Have they done a ct scan of the brain, an mri of the brain or ultrasounds of your carotids?

I am concerned with how this sounds. I believe a tia can affect different parts of the body (small or large areas) depending where the clots (whether big or small) are traveling in the brain at the time you’re having the symptoms.

Ask for the studies if they haven’t already been done! Good luck, Cindy

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Hi wittycjt thank for the advice I have discussed these issues with both 2 GP’s

and my Cardiologist who all agree and make the same assumptions that it is highly unlikely a TIA because they say the chance of a blood clot emboli landing in the same exact place of a vessel in the brain each time and affecting same part body ,in particular just the one hand is unlikely and is more chance of the being an Atipical symptom ,unusual symptom of a Migraine which doesn’t fit any diagnosis.

Or either Panic Attack or hyperventilation or Over sensitive symphothetic nervous system.Or even a pinched nerve as i do get when sleeping and numb hand from ulnar nerve which could be Carpal tunnel The last episode i recently had a strong coffee 30 mins before .The professionals have never offered any test’s maybe this is why.But as you say i could ask to be studied.I have even had Doctors in an American forum state the same thing.

I did have a CT scan Mri and Ultrsound with my first ever Migraine Aura in 2000

and they said all looked very good ,although this is some time ago.

Also in 2016 i had Carotids arteries checked by a Consultant cardiologist with a stethoscope and said their was no bruit

(turbulent blood sound)

Thanks for you ideas very kind of you

to reply.


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