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Different Strokes
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Little progress

My father had a massive stroke 5 weeks ago.

Whilst in hospital he got aspiration pneumonia. (Recovered) So has been on a feeding tube for 3 weeks.

He is now on 5 teaspoons of puree and juice 6 times a day i think.

But progress is slow

He had two further stokes in the following week to his first stroke whilst in hospital.

And now cannot walk. His left arm has no movement and is still completely dead.

His left leg is weak but he responds with a jolt when i tickle his foot.

He does about 30 mins in a chair of physio.

But hes still not walking. And struggles to even sit up.

I cant understand why theres no progress well very little.

He had a stoke last year right arm affected and his hand was recovering from the off.

So confused. And sad hes just looks a shadow of his former self

I just want him home. 5 weeks is just so long

Hes 72

Both carotid arteries 70% blocked. Likely the cause of the sroke

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So sorry x


All you can do is persevere. Keep on helping him to overcome this illness. He will be better for it.


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