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I'm 76 year old Female and had 2 strokes from Carotid Arteries a year ago in 2016 , both Carotids are under 50% blocked

A couple of weeks ago lost left eye sight for 10 mins have been having sharp pains left side from neck up and headaches from neck up left side also my eyesight flickering for 5 mins temp, Also have been yawning a lot more Consultant says in letter NO to Ultrasound 1 yr on, or even a review with him and says i am not needed to be seen by him again!

I have been also getting a strange feeling of unreality that overcomes me like i may pass out and i notice a astrange smell each time feeling faint but haven't yet fainted i don,t understand whats going on is this some kind of emotional thing? Has anyone else had this?,Or is it a symptom i am getting ? GP hasn't given any answers to my question getting these more frequent couple of times a week and concerning me too.

Help would be appreciated

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Hi are you taking any medications?

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Hi Spider 555

yes i'm taking all the following medicine over a year now clopidogrel 75 mg quinapril 40mg am and 20mg pm fibrazate (second choice to a statin as would not like to take statin from side effects)

also amlodipine 10mg lansoprazole15mg .I was taking the Quinapral at a dose of 20mg am and 20 mg pm but after some issues with headaches and raised blood pressure GP a few months ago put me on quinapril at

40mg am and 20mg pm although it is usally given as a maintenance dose of balanced amounts am and pm with max dose of 60mg

Thanks for taking the time to reply


Did you have a Doppler ultrasound test?

Apparently there is a test for intima plaque. So that you can check the quality and thickness of the plaque.

You,would have to ask about your neurologist or another second opinion.


Yes i had a Doppler Ultrasound a year ago which found both Carotid arteries were blocked just under 50% each side and the Consultant seems to be a

clairvoyiant now as says this year a year on it would not have increased in blockage by much even though you can see many people that have had an increase from 50%-70%

which is well documented even on youtube.I think age plays a big part in the NHS at times.As i have been disharghed i will have to start from the begining

I have complained to PALs who said they will look into

my case and the GP is taking time to reply to my letter

for a second opinion but to anyone keep pushing until

you get heard and be persistant as its your health

that important that the consultants are acting on very slowly .After all how long does a Doppler Ulrasound really take for peace of mind?

I am getting some quotes on private for Ultrsound.

Thanks for your time spider555

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The loss of eyesight doesn't sound good. I had a full stroke last July and 50% of my vision went in each eye and it is permanent. I think a second opinion from a Consultant Neurologist would be helpful for you. You're taking an antiplatelet but have you discussed an anticoagulant?

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Hi john-boy sorry to hear of your stroke and thanks for your concern

which is more than my Consultant .He knows about the vision problem

but no mention of any ideas in his report as he says it must be medication .I will get a second opinion .I am taking clopidogrel antiplatelet ,thanks for your support .


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