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8 months since Hypo diagnosis. 3 blood tests shown beliw

First TSH 3.94 (0.35 - 5.5).....T4..13.9 (9.0 - 22.7

6 weeks later dr. Said normal ..carry on at low dose 25

Recently...after another 6 months approx TSH 3.67 ....T4. 14.7. Told on phone no change in 25 low,dosage.

an appt. Friday as my Vit D blood test for bone problems needs to be discussed with dr and she has asked me to go in.

Should I ask for an increase in the low dosage

As I,have mentioned before my main problems are extreme deep afternoon and evening sleeps, chronic and debiliting constipation including reoccurrence of very bad prolapsed bowel..but when I first went on Levi I noticed a great improvement in

Dry itchy scalp and itchy face..My blood pressure has dropped much lower since. Wing on Levo..and I have had digestion probs even before being diagnosed.. now my scalp,is dry and face a bit itchy but I sleep very well at night mostly

I am expecting her to say i am in the normal range and I am doing very well for my age of 81..I can walk up hills etc when going shopping ..so how would you suggest I approach this..

she is is a very nice dr and i am sometimes in denial about my problems and she knows that..sorry to bother you, I seem to be repeating myself over the last 8 months ..

I ha e made a second appt re the prolapse as I don't want to discuss too many things at once and this appt is really about the Vit D

Thank you HAther 😊😊

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Sorry, I don't know what these figures mean ?

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I have the same problems as moo there, especially as your post appears on a Stroke page...