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Did you see Andrew Marr's article in the 22nd January edition of the Mail on Sunday? Not so much the expensive treatment he had in the USA, but rather the fact that he doesn't give up and goes on trying. It's so easy to feel that the plateau we reach is the best we can do. He's certainly motivated me to try harder! His programme "My Brain and Me" is on BBC2 this month.

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  • When it it going to be aired? Ihave been trying to find out for ages

  • The article just said "next month". I'll keep an eye on the listings and do a post when I find out.

  • Thank you. Will look it up and read.

  • Do you know the exact date and time as i would love to watch it?

  • Still haven't seen it in the listings, will keep looking.

  • Many thanks, very helpful.

  • The Andrew Marr Program, My Brain and Me is on Tuesday 14th February at 9pm on BBC2!

  • Finally tracke

    d it down...VCalentine's day of all days!

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