Hello fellow survivors. How do you pass thevtime. I can see walk and talk i usdto walk my dog but as i am somewhat unsteady and get tired very soon cant do rthat. I also used to knit and make beaded jewelry but as my leftbhans s weak. I cannot do that now. How do you pss thwe time i get tired of reading it mak s nme fall asleep and the tv is not always interesting. I would be grateful for any ideas. Have tried jigsaws but you cant do them all day. The table is needed for meals

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  • Hi Maylin;

    * I walk with my wife if it's not raining (it's "coming down in buckets" at the moment);

    * maintain and tweak two computers / one laptop / one Tablet;

    * read (but fall asleep) including downloading material from Open Learning;

    * do Suduko (but fall asleep);

    * browse the Internet including reading BBC News and the Telegraph on line, plus fora (forums) such as Different Strokes;

    * do Pilates with my wife - it's an all female class so I'm an "honorary woman"!

    * catch up the good television programmes that I've recorded;

    * jigsaws during the winter - Hobby Craft sell big folders that can be closed with the partially complete jigsaw inside so that it can be removed from the table;

    * pricing the shopping list from Supermarket lists to get the best prices and promotions;

    * I hope to get back to the gym in mid-January.


  • Thank the ounfor your reply imhave a jigsaw roll so,can put it qside when table needed. Thank goodnss for tablet computrs roll on spring so i can potter in the garden. I need something crative.

  • Hi Maylin, I play games like Candy Crush on my smart phone, they are not time critical so you can take as long as you need to complete them and they keep your brain working.

  • Thank you for your reply i also have found candy crush, angry birds and words for friends. Thank goodness for tablet computers. But i need something creative.

  • just a we bit about myself i had a stroke 22nov15and have been playing candy crush for a long time am now on levei1000 and something starting to get bored with it but keep going back to it ,have started going to a new stroke group in baillieston just to get out and to break the bordem

  • Have you tried the adult colouring books. I know it sounds like a return to childhood but there are some really good and detailed ones. They are reviewed on Amazon and if you get a pack of coloured fine liners as well they can easily keep you busy for a couple of hours. Lots of them can be quite flowery and 'feminine' but there are ones that could appeal to men too. My son has one.

  • I go to adult colouring club and have 2 books yet to be used.

  • my friend bought me adult clouring book and i found them hard as there is a lot of detail in them but it passes the time when the TV is rubbish which is most of the time,and it breaks the boredom

  • Imwish i could knitagain. I can use bothhands but have no strength in left hand. Where did you lean to knit again. I hsve tried adult colouring but cannot get interested in it. I do not get bored but frustrated atvthe lack of being a bit creTive. Good luck for the future

  • After my stroke in 2014 my main thing was getting my left hand so i could continue to knit which i can do but different from before. I also went back to my craft club and with the help of them i manage to do some craft items. I joined an adult colouring club and only need my right hand for the pencils and rest my bad arm on the paper. All these items take place in our local library so as well as the groups the staff help. I sometimes go with my husband when he takes the dog for a walk in the park. I tag along with my walker. Not given up on trying other things yet.

  • Hi - I had cvst ( rare form of stroke) Oct 2014 - and once out of hospital and my sister left after a few more days - I was home alone. Somehow managed to devise some sort of routine and the things that got me through were :-

    audio books - borrowed from local library - could go back to listen at any bit ( whole chunks at times !) I missed

    yoga - short routines to help with balance and strength - and yoga relaxations

    cooking - I just had to follow the recipe - AND meant I had something good to eat

    cycling - to start with was just to the end of the road for a few weeks - then round the block for a few weeks , adding a bit more every few weeks.

    As you are looking forward to the gardening - could you do some more garden planning ( I'm hopeless !) ( do you live nearby ??! :-) )

    I really wish the colouring books had been suggested to me at the time - there is NO right way to complete them - and I would've really benefitted ....

    Also someone suggested any of the other " crafty" type things where there isn't necessarily a right or wrong way ...... foil scraper things ? pottery ?

    Could you volunteer to read with children at the local primary school ?

    can you walk a little with walking stick ? Someone suggested walking poles to me - more "trendy" perhaps ?

    Hope you are progressing well and may find something useful from all of the suggestions :-)

  • There are myriad of things you can do, but I think what you mainly need is a local group meeting place, also check what medicines you are on, as side effects can be vicious, which causes lethargy, tiredness, Statins do that, so look up what you are on, and ask for 2nd opinion, fro0m a different practice, over what medicines you are on, but until all governments tackle the route of what is destroying our NHS, which is the pharmaceutical industry, which takes a simple law, to prohibit, direct selling to Doctors, and selling of products by blackmailing doctors, the multinational pharmaceutical companies have so much profits, because they create demand for there products, by releasing drugs, which have not had enough testing, and main problem testing by a totally independant group, which, they pay lip service too, but, where do the universities get there funding from, who do this independent testing , yes you guessed it in one. Also practising doctors rarely step out of line, and report the blackmailing of there grps in surgeries by these companies who put on little food events at lunch time in surgeries/clinics, health centres, where they can hard sale latest so called cures, for the symptoms caused by there own products. Mind you it is not black or white, as people are also to blame, as we expect them to come up with a cure for whatever ails us. I fell into that trap between 2002 and 2016, now my eyes are open and i question everything, motives, and yes i am now a confirmed cynic where tablets, and so called treatments are given, as each extra pill you take gives you a different set of ailments that come from it, and also can affect the pills you are already take in a different way to its original listed side effects.

    Main thing is talk with your family ,find out what you can do by yourself, how far you can walk before getting tired, and then plan accordingly, you can plan your outing where you live, to shops, via different seats/benches which are on way, to your favourite or most used shops.

  • a didnt no statins could make u tiered to day been a bad one have slept bmost of it even though been told when am tiered to get up and about as if u sleep to much it just makes u feel worse but to day just cant get motavated never slept, at very good for past few nights and wanderiing how long do i use the stroke as an excuse for being very lazy feel like screaming at the whole world but guess there no point everyone allreadty thinks ive lost the place think am finding it so hard as been told best improvment happens in first year and am now at the year and feel am srtuck in limbo

    dont feel much better than a did 6 months ago

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