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Great site

Hello, I have been checking in with this site since July and am so pleased to find it. I am 57 and live in Sheffield. I had a stroke in January, what a fright!! I spent 5 weeks in the stroke unit at Hallamshire hospital and am pleased to say that I am 99% back to normal. It was so comforting reading all the posts on here, little things that worried me no longer do as I am not suffering alone. I have a wonderful family who have brought me through this awful time and I agree with one post where the person mentioned being "bloody minded" lol, it certainly helped me. Well medication time is here again, until next time xx

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Hi I am 57 and also had a stroke in January I had a brain stem stroke also called Wallenberg. I am glad you are improving. I am too it's been a rough time but like you have a lovely family who have been a terrific help. It's good to have a site like this isn't it. Take care


Thanks for the reply, it is good to be able to chat with someone else who knows exactly how I feel. I have been trying to wean myself off the anti depressants but am finding that my mood dips badly on the third day so have gone back to one tablet every other day for now. I am also struggling with lethargy and tiredness but am told that can take up to two years to go!!


I take anti depressants too. I was feeling down and my GP upped then a little from the dose they gave me in hospital. It is so very hard to come to terms with what has happened. I have tiredness some days it is really bad. I am learning to just give in when this happens


Hi susietaylor. It's nice to hear from other people i had mengijtis,a stroke and a brain absess in May like you say it was a shock.i just saw in your message about tiredness and lethargy I am constantly tired for no reason,I used to be on the go all the time,the problem I have is mood swings aswel ,I'm on a few lots of tabs still for pain mainly I'm having trouble with joints now and awful pins and needles in hands. I thought would be back in work now but don't think could handle it yet I'm 55

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Hello susie, I,m Val l live with my husband in west Africa. We retired here twenty years ago. I,ve been diagnosed with cerebral amyloid angiopathy after having a hemorragic stroke in 2015 and another in 2016, like you both say, fatigue I my biggest problem....my eyesight is deteriorating too. How my husband puts up with me with my moods I don't know

Would like kevery much to keep in touch...,,,,



well done for getting so far baxck to 'normal' i am 6 months post stroke but have not got as far as you i am about 80 per cent but still trying, very some would say especiall my wonderful hysband who desceverything for me. he just ha s difficulty putting my earings in for me in my earss not his i musrt add. keep upthe goid work and keep on taking the tablets.


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