Hurrah for the nhs

In March 2016 I went to the bathroom at around 8am my husband found me about 8.15am and realised something was wrong he was right I had had a stroke. He phoned the rmergency service and although ewe live in a country village 10 miles from the city the ambulance was there in Les than half an hour I was then whisked off to the stroke unit of the hospital and luckily I am making a good recovery. I am one of the lucky ones although after six weeks in hospital and being home for about four weeks I had a seizure in the early evening. Once again the nhs came to the rescue. And I found myself in hospital again. Hopefully for the last time. I can't praise the NHS enough. But for them I would not be writing this.

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  • 3 Cheers!... for the nhs absolutely fantastic.

  • Hi Maylin Great to hear the nhs was fantastic in looking after you. I could not fault the paramedics and the hospital stroke unit were fabulous with me too. It all fell down for me when I returned home just left to get on with life and apart from two physio sessions and being signed off sick for 6 weeks by my GP. I felt we are abandoned and have to be pro active in getting any follow up for the physchological side of this event in ones life. I would like more after care and support for stroke sufferers. It appears in my area there is very little out there on the door step and those groups around are a good distance away! So to sum up acute side of nhs brilliant but after care somewhat limited in my experience.

  • That's exactly what I think about the whole thing. The initial care was wonderful but I have used that exact word since. Abandoned. The physio therapy after care is far too patchy to move you forward. We are getting some private physio at home. Making huge differences. And found a specialist gym. MSUK. Amazing x

  • I contacted my local stroke association and they found me a lovely physiotherapist who comes to my home. She helps me with my physical problems weak legs and arm and also gives me confidence. Well worth trying. I am also going to try trading for disabled to help my balance and strength.

  • Me Too, I was lucky enough to hook into a place called Avanti ABI in Hastingsafter a few months - they're adaycare/physiotherapy place, and have been really good for me I go two days a week- thanks guys!!! we really need more places like Avanti ABI

  • I know they can't afford the six million dollar man treatment but I'm surprised how well I seem to be doing on their half crown bloke scheme;-) Thanks NHS

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