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my vision loss

hello my name is carolinemac had a stroke nov 15 it has taken a big bit of my vision it is called severe hemanophia has any other stroke survivor had vision problems I feel it is improving a little it is only my vision it affected I just want to know if my vision will get better it has been ten months now I am back at work part time glad of the company I just pray I get my vision back I would be the happiest woman ever they say it takes time xxx

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Hi Caroline mac, I lost the sight in my stroke affected left side but I am thankful to say it came back with in a few months, only because the doctors and nurses made me use my left eye all the time,and all my visitors. I was very lucky in that respect. Strangely I can't see through binoculars with my left eye. Maybe I should get a telescope like a pirate (ha ha mi hearties). I do feel you should be getting more intensive therapy for your sight, I should enquire with your optician and GP


hi annlynne thankyou for your reply my dctor and optician are not telling me a lot except saying it is a waiting game I think it is slowly improving or maybe I am just adapting thankyou for answering hope you are doing ok


Hi Caroline.

Following my Stroke in 1998 I also have big problems with my eye sight.

The Stroke effected my left side.

I have had operations on my left eye as I have got double vision.

The latest was to have my eye lids sown together.

Due to the left eye wasn't watering itself.

Initially I was using drops but as my health has deteriorated further this had become very difficult.

Please let me know if I can help you further???



HI Steve thankyou for your message my eyesight seems to be improving very slightly but seems to be going the right way I can see straight ahead it is to the left I cant see lets hope and pray it comes back I hope you are doing ok thankyou again Caroline


Hi Caroline.

Yes time is a great healer.

You are still in the process of improvement.

Are you being seen in an Eye Hospital ???

Staying confident is also a good help in your recovery.

Please let me know if I can help you further.



HI STEVE made me happy you saying I am still in the process of improvement I DO HOPE SO it has been 10 months now yes I am still attending hospital they don't tell me a lot but have said my eyes and optic nerves are healthy so I think this is a positive thing they don't tell me it will come back but say it is a waiting game hope you are ok CAROLINE

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Hi Caroline.

Yes you have just started & I don't want to say "it's early days".

You have to make it happen, working hard at things will bring you "gold"in the end.

I have spoken too stroke patients in the past who were told that things stopped once they hit 12mnts post stroke.


They would stop working for improvements at 12mnts.

No they have only started!!!

Yes that sounds great news with your eyes.

I'm so pleased for you, yes I had/still have problems with my eyes. But it doesn't worry me one bit to be honest.

Let me know if I can help you further ??



thankyou caroline


Hi I had a haemorrhage/ / stroke over 10 years ago it affected my vision left-sided foeld vision loss it has never improved since and goes worse when I'm tired but my stroke was quite bad and affected the whole left side of my body took me a long time to learn how to walk again and and get back to some sort of normality I hope yours improves x x


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