Different Strokes

Hi (and light at end of tunnel)

Hi, I'm new here, and seven months down the line from two major simultaneous strokes. It's been a tough time, but I reckon I'm 90% recovered. My left arm and hand is still weak and I have some brain farts regularly still, but I've trained as a sailor in that time, and got back to work full-time (albeit self-employed, which helps since I get exhausted daily at around 3 PM).

So with a load of work and determination, I just wanted to reassure that recovery is possible.

Best wishes to everyone,


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thanks Kate


I wish you all the best. I have limited use of my left side but keep trying. As i was a knitter before my stroke that was one of the things i was determined that i was not going to give up on and so far i am still knitting. I go to a craft club where we sew and make things but thanks to them i can sew, embrioder with help.


HI Kate

Great to read your story and you are an inspiration to me thank you!



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