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Dialysis Humour

Dialysis Humour

Hi All, I'm new here. My mother has started on dialysis recently. The who journey has been overwhelming for us. I started doodling some of her experiences, to bring about the lighter side of all this. Sharing one below.

I also have a question around fistulas:

Mom has been told to squeeze these "smiley balls" to make her fistula grow bigger. Right now its been 3 months and still it is too small to be used for hemodialysis. Anyone has a better suggestion for how to exercise the av fitula better, her's is at the wrist area?

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Hi had my av fistula this time last year, about 6 weeks before was ok to use. I had to have a fistulagram on the day I was starting dialysis as I had a small stenosis. I have had 3 fistulagram since. All working ok now.

Started in centre for a month then moved to home heamo 5 times a week, then progressed to nocturnal dialysis every other day.

Outcomes for nocturnal are as good as a transplant but with different risks.

My life is almost normal, my machine is “portable” and have been away often with it.

Speak with your renal team if worried about your fistula, in my experience the renal team is always helpful.


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